Wanda Durant is one American advocate and philanthropist and much better known for the mom of Kevin Durant’s mom. Kevin is a well-known NBA basketball player who now plays because that the Brooklyn Nets. She operated for the federal government for virtually two decades.

Kevin Durant’s spoke about Wanda Durant commitment because that the family and how she kept him and his siblings off the streets and also helped them acquire to wherein they space now during an emotional MVP acceptance speech. She has been devoting her time come ensuring that kids have the essentials and also the liberty to seek the points they desire. She operated for the federal federal government for practically two decades.

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NBA fans respond to Kevin Durant’s mom mocking and also trash-talking the Bucks great defense in video game 7 together “The true MVP Wanda Durant.”

On the defensive end that the court, PJ Tucker is glued to Kevin Durant, i beg your pardon is one intriguing story that has emerged during this Brooklyn Nets-Milwaukee Bucks ECSF. Both the’ sneaker god’ and KD are UT alums, through Tucker getting picked the same year Durant enrolled together a student in the first year at the university: 2006.

Wanda Durant to PJ Tucker: “I love girlfriend too”