Paige Hyland Wiki

Paige Hyland to be born on November 1, 2000, and from Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA. She is a famous Personality, Instagram Star and Dancer. She is popularly well-known for her appearance in the first season of dance Moms along with older sister Brooke Hyland,Paige danced her heart out and also captured the affections that many.

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During the dance Moms, Paige was checked out as one of the weaker dancers on the team. She mother, Kelly, often got right into fights with Abby as result of the unfair treatment of Paige. However, her mom determined to traction both Brooke and Paige the end of Abby Lee’s dance studio. “It just gained to the allude that it to be an unhealthy instance for mine family, so it was time for us to go,” Kelly stated in one interview through Live London. Her sister Brooke Hyland is additionally a really Famous Personality.


Paige Hyland Career

She is a Dancer and also trained really well and together with that Paige additionally loves Gymnastics. Paige’s favourite solos ~ above the present were acquire Up, obtain Loud, get Tough and Make part Noise. She has performed the least solos out of every the initial elite team members.

After leaving dance Moms, she had launched her own YouTueb Channel and in i beg your pardon she uploads native her everyday Routine to Hyland household Vacations. Apart from this, she has 3 Million Plus pendant on Instagram.

Paige graduated from Franklin local High School and enrolled at West Virginia University and also she is prepared to graduate in 2023. Additionally, in the past, she likewise worked as a version for night wear designer Sherri Hill.

Paige Hyland Family

How old is Paige Hyland? She was born top top November 1, 2000, and also from Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA and also she space 19 years old together of 2019. She is the daughter the Randy Hyland (Father) and Kelly Hyland (Mother).

Paige has actually two Siblings: mock Hyland (Brother) and Brooke Hyland (Sister). She first-ever trio was through her brother Josh, and also Chloe and her brother Josh is also a an extremely fine dancer and also performer.

Paige Hyland Boyfriend

Curently, Paige is in a connection with her friend Jayvon Thrift. Earlier, she was likewise linked up v Nick Kelly but later Paige refuse the rumor.


On December 12, 2019, she common her picture and captioned “she states she a college girl however left her books on the shelf.”

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she speak she a university girl but left her books on the shelf

A write-up shared by ☆ Paige ☆ (
paigehyland1) ~ above Dec 12, 2019 in ~ 7:22am PST

However, she has shared a pair of images with her friend on she Instagram. Except this Paige likes to cave out v her friends and also loves partying too.

Paige Hyland network Worth

Estimated net Worth of her is $480K USD together of 2019. She stands 5 feet 8 inch tall and weighs approximately 57 KG.

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Paige Hyland Wiki

Full Name: Paige HylandNick Name: PaigeDOB: November 1, 2000Born: Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA.Nationality: AmericanReligion: ChristianityProfession: renowned Personality, Instagram Star and DancerAge: 19 years Old

Education Details

College: West Virginia UniversitySchool: Franklin regional High SchoolQualification: Graduating

Physical Statics

Height: 5 feet 8 customs TallWeight: 57 KGEye Color: BlueHair color: BlondeMarital Status: UnMarried

Favorites and hobbies

Hobbies: TravellingFavorite Actor: Tom CruiseFavorite Actress: Emma WatsonFavorite Destination: MiamiFavorite Food: Mexican


Father: Randy HylandMother: Kelly HylandBrother: Josh HylandSister: Brooke HylandRelatives: NA