take care of Potter: how Old were Lily & James as soon as They Died? Lily and James never had the possibility to progressive their child in the take care of Potter franchise, no one did they acquire a opportunity to completely experience adulthood.

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Lily and James Potter served as critical characters in the Harry Potter series even though they to be killed prior to the occasions of the publication series. James and Lily to be the parental of Harry, the central figure that the books arisen by author J.K. Rowling. Despite they died when he was a baby, castle both do multiple appearances in the movie adaptations. Through flashbacks and also details revealed by the finish of the franchise, the period of Lily and James in ~ the time of their deaths to be uncovered.

Lily J. Evans to be a Muggle-born witch who attended hogwart in the "70s. She to be childhood friends v Severus Snape but came to be closer to James Potter throughout her time at Hogwarts, ultimately dating him during her last year. The pair married quickly after their time in ~ Hogwarts pertained to an end. They then joined the bespeak of the Phoenix during the an initial Wizarding War, becoming an adversary of the increasing Dark wizard, mr Voldemort. In July 1980, their very first and just child was born — yet they sadly didn"t get to suffer parenthood for too long.

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Based ~ above the prophecy that a young born in ~ the finish of July who might defeat Voldemort, Lily and James were compelled to enter hiding in stimulate to protect young Harry. After being betrayed through Peter Pettigrew, the Dark Lord found the Potter family in Godric"s Hollow. Lily and also James lost their stays on October 31, 1981, while protecting their boy from Voldemort"s death Curse. As checked out on the gravestones in Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows – component 1, Lily and also James were simply 21 year old when they died. James was born on in march 27, 1960, and Lily to be a couple of months older, having been born on January 30, 1960.

despite being 21, Lily and James looked noticeably older in the Harry Potter film series. Though no explanation was given, the parts for the debut movie were actors before their age was evidenced in the Deathly Hallows book, which released in 2007. Lily to be played by Geraldine Somerville for all eight films in the franchise. Once the actress showed up in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone, she to be 34 years old, and also by the last installment, she was well into her forties. James was depicted even enlarge in the movies, gift played through Adrian Rawlins, that was 43 when he joined the film franchise and also in his at an early stage fifties when his stint ended.

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Even though the Harry Potter movies made the a suggest to show that Lily and also James died at a young age, the series retconned your appearance for this reason they were depicted as aged loving parents. If they had actually lived to raise your son, the pair would have remained in their early on thirties once Harry was gearing increase to start an education at Hogwarts. Then again, the series probably wouldn"t have gone in the very same direction had actually they no met their death on that notorious Halloween night in 1981.