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Childhood and also education

Vic was increased in san Diego alongside his younger brothers Mike Fuentes, their half-sister and two half-brothers, by their father Victor Gamboa Fuentes who was a jazz singer, and also their mother Vivian K. Fuentes who was a painter.

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Vic was seven as soon as he got his an initial guitar, and also started finding out to play that – he spent several hours practicing every day. He studied at Mission just High school at which the wasn’t very sporting, as he wanted to practice singing and also acting and also playing video clip games. ~ above matriculation in 2001, Vic enrolled at san Diego State university to research graphic design, however, that dropped out to go after his career together a musician, as soon as his band prior to Today signed a contract v Equal Vision Records.

Career together a singer

Vic ongoing making music through his brother, and the duo’s debut song, “A Flair because that the Dramatic” come out in 2007. Castle then started collaborating v Pierce the Veil, releasing three albums with them entitled “Collide through the Sky”, “Misadventures” and “Selfish Machines”. Vic and also Mike were likewise members the the supergroup isles & Glaciers, however which released just a single EP “The hearts of Lonely People” in 2010 prior to disbanding.

Acting credits

Vic’s very first appearance remained in the 2007 video game “Tony Hawk’s prove Ground”, when he also wrote the game’s tune “I’d quite Die than Be Famous”; in 2011, he appeared in the music video “Pierce The Veil: simply The method You Are”.The year 2012 witnessed him play the lead character in the short musical drama “Pierce the Veil: King for a Day”, written and also directed by drew Russ, and which is about Vic and also Kellin fighting their angry boss. The adhering to year experienced Vic show up in another short music video – “Pierce the Veil: Bulls in the Bronx”.



He is a fan of football and also baseball, and occasionally walk to watch live matches v his girlfriend.In his preventive time and also mostly so late at night, the likes to watch movies starring some of his and also Danielle’s favorite actors and also actresses – Tom Hanks, Amanda Seyfried and also Julia Roberts – such together “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Letters to Juliette” and also “Notting Hill”. The 2 are also keen on watching comedy series, with their favourite being “That ‘70s Show”.

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Age, height and net worth

Vic’s age is 37. He has long brown hair and also brown eyes, his height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) and he weighs around 130lbs (59kgs).As that October 2020, his network worth has been estimated at over $1 million.