Sommore is the phase name of the comedian actress, whose actual name is Lori Ann Rambough. Others simply refer come her together the ‘Queen that Comedy’ and with good measure. She’s been in the industry for years on end and also appeared in major films such together Soul plane and Dirty Laundry. Therefore what’s she story? because that the longest time, the actress had eluded the push on matters about her personal life, but we finally recorded up. This is an comprehensive look at Comedian Sommore network worth, age, family, and also details on she husband and Wiki-Bio.

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Sommore’s job Info.

Some celebrities achieve success during their youth however not because that Sommore. She was a so late bloomer and also gained acknowledgment at period 29. Few of her more quickly appearances on television go back to 1992 once she to be a regular in Def Comedy Jam

Other presentations contained Showtime in ~ the Apollo, bet Live from L.A. And also Comic view as the an initial female ever before to represent it in 1995. She character, Cherry in 2004’s film, Soul airplane came to redefine her career.


Actor, Sommore from Soul aircraft movie

It plummeted her right into other casting roles prefer Cookie in Friday ~ Next, Dirty Laundry, A Miami Tail, The Parkers, and many much more films and shows.

Throughout her journey in Hollywood, the actress snugged the Richard Pryor Award for Comic the the Year in 2005. Moreover, Sommore likewise won ITV Network’s ‘Celebrity to the right Club.’ rapid forwarding to existing times, you can find her in the movie, every The emperors Men

Comedian Sommore’s network worth.

Lori Ann a.k.a. Sommore yields an impressive net worth number of $750,000. Us didn’t walk rummaging through her bank accounts to acquire this figure however rather evaluated every her public assets. Details on she salary remain unknown


American comedian, Sommore net worth is $750,000

Much that the actress net worth comes from cashing in cheques from casting jobs and also others like producing TV specials. Moreover, she has also written script for her self-titled movies like A Queen with No Spades, The reign Continues, Economics and also Def Comedy Jam.

The comedienne isn’t exactly subtle when showing off several of her brand-new toys as noticeable through she Instagram handle. Sommore has actually time and also time again flaunted her wealth for her fans come see. These incorporate pictures of really cash, a BMW, and a Tesla car.


Comedian, Sommore through her BMW car

Who is Sommore’s Husband? Is she married? any kind of Kids?

You’d think you’d discover at the very least one snapshot of Sommorre’s one-of-a-kind someone or one or two youngsters on her social sites. However, that’s never ever the instance with the comedienne. Present sources dictate that she’s solitary unmarried and also still mingling.


Comedian Sommore is currently single

So for any type of man the end there who feels favor she might be the one, currently is the ideal time to make a move. A word of fist though: the actress is really picky on the males she wants. In an exclude, interview, Sommore revealed the she likes her guys dark and also young.

The actress when dated other comedy star Nathaniel Stroman or much better known by his phase name ‘Earthquake.’ judging by the watch of it, he failed to ‘rock’ her people following their separation a few years ago.

Sommore’s Age, Birthdate, Family, Sister, Wiki-Bio, and also Facts

Full nameLori Ann Rambough
Date of BirthMay 15th, 1966
Place the BirthTrenton, new Jersey
ProfessionActress, Comedian, Writer, Producer
Net worth$750K
Relationship statusSingle
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac SignTaurus

Lori to be born on may 15th, 1966 in Trenton, brand-new Jersey and is at this time 52 years of age. Over there is very tiny information regarding her parentage other than for her paternity. She father is the Atlanta-based famous author and also poet called Doughtry long who is also the father of the actress, Nia Long.

As girlfriend would have probably guessed that by now, Nia and Sommore are sisters. However, they nothing share the exact same mother. It’s also intriguing that the half-sisters nothing haven’t teamed up to develop anything together.

They are both actresses and vast in the Hollywood scene but have naught to display for it together blood. Moreover, neither has actually publicly talked about the various other which takes away any type of speculation that resentment in the direction of each other.

For the comedienne’s alma mater, she saw Trenton Catholic Academy wherein she graduated high college in the year 1985. The TV star later had actually aspirations on a job in the organization field and enrolled for a Business management course in ~ Morris Brown university in Atlanta, Georgia. However, we all know how that turned the end in the end and also its best not come dwell ~ above it lot considering her current fame.

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