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I"m not certain if this has actually been increased on a previous article but ns working here listing to the sacred Grove layout from Twilight Princess and also you have the right to hear bits of Saria"s song placed in there.I recognize the Kokiri themselves have disappeared native the forest throughout the occasions of Twilight princess however does anyone understand what to be Saria"s fate in ~ the finish of Ocarina of time and also Majora"s mask? Or her last actions throughout the son timeline?


Well the music favored to be play in the sacred Grove would be because of the Skull kid in it, due to the fact that Saria taught it come friends the one we view is maybe one we fulfill in OoT or maybe the one native Majora"s Mask.As for Saria herself we never ever know, maybe she stayed in peace in the adult and child timelines v the remainder of the Kokiri. In the downfall timeline ns wouldn"t have thought she"d have actually a good fate.Welcome to the forum by the way!

Thanks for the warm welcome
and nice to satisfy you.I"ve always enjoyed listening to a good Zelda concept so I believed I"d do an account.Thanks because that a great answer as well. Ns guess that inquiry goes into the pile of Zelda unsolved mysteries. Lol.
Yeah, nothing has been confirmed about her fate. The Kokiri aren"t roughly anymore, and only thing left of them is your symbol on the doors of the forest Temple in TP. Saria"s tune still resides on, but then again, so does Epona"s song, which was sung through Malon.I dunno around Saria, however one that the last points the Kokiri appeared to have actually done was move north (TP"s map is phibìc of OoT"s) and also quite possibly built the woodland Temple.... Perhaps she was among the builders.
I dunno about Saria, yet one of the last points the Kokiri appeared to have done was move north (TP"s map is phibìc of OoT"s) and also quite possibly built the woodland Temple.... Perhaps she was among the builders.
Wait, wasn"t the TP woodland Temple developed to organize the unify Shadow long before the occasions of OoT?I"ve been under the impression the they built the holy place there prior to OoT, then moved southeast.
Wait, wasn"t the TP woodland Temple constructed to host the unify Shadow long prior to the events of OoT?I"ve been under the impression the they built the holy place there before OoT, then relocated southeast.
I"m not so certain of that. Remember that the Water Temple held one the the pieces as well, and also I doubt that was built until the Zora relocated north with the remainder of the kingdom.As for Saria, my guess is the she eventually shed her material type and went back to being a woodland spirit, since without a Hero that Time (either one) or more interaction with the remainder of Hyrule (necessitated by gift a Sage) there to be no need for it anymore.

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Thanks because that the great replies guys.One last concern why did the location of the map adjust so significantly in Twilight princess? When contrasted to Ocarina that time?
Since she became a sage while gift in the forest Temple, she most likely still stays on in spirit kind along with various other sages prefer Impa & Darunia. At the very least in the Adult timeline because most most likely Saria lives on in the son timeline.
Thanks for the great replies guys.One last inquiry why walk the geography of the map change so significantly in Twilight princess? When contrasted to Ocarina the time?
Because Twilight Princess is collection mostly north of Ocarina that Time"s Hyrule.
As you deserve to see, in OoT , the holy place of Time is to the north of Hyrule, if in TP, it"s closer come the south. Hyrule Historia confirms the OoT and TP holy place of Time to it is in the same ar (as well together SS"s Sealed Temple).This suggests that, after ~ the events of SS, the Sealed temple was rebuilt into the holy place of Time, while most of Faron Woods was reduced down, eventually coming to be OoT"s Hyrule Field.At some suggest after OoT"s boy ending, for part unknown reason (possibly due to Ganondorf attacking Hyrule, which to be the reason for his plan execution), most of OoT"s Hyrule to be abandoned and they relocated north, eventually allowing the Faron Woods come regrow whereby it when was.
Oh dear, geography theorizing. Ns am so fired up about it at every times, so be warned.I think, to put it mildly, that is silly to to speak "TP"s map is north" for this reason blatantly, favor its set in stone. Anything yet is my interpretation, really. In fact, ns never have actually been maybe to uncover the quote that supposedly states the MS never ever moves, or the the Temple never ever moves. Ns can"t recall the anywhere. Flipping through HH, ns can"t discover it. So, before I get even an ext fired up, would someone kindly please suggest me to pertinent quote(s)? Further, even without that, that mildy silly to say death Mountain native TP is totally different from OoT. If TP"s map is really north, shouldn"t OoT DM be wherein the ranch is? and also the lake, that just moved way north? and also a near identical temple was constructed as in the old lake? and also the entirety Castle city migrated method north? Wars, fires, genocides, migrations, forests overgrowing, lakes drying up, it all seems means too fishy come me to justification what "Its north" implies. If the does say, indisputedly, that the MS and also Temple never move, then i could completely see the desire to come up v so plenty of reasons for the oddities. But, uh, considering just how much of a stretch it is to justify, i daresay HH got it... Wrong. Please excuse mine forwardness and also bluntness. Um, yeah, that exact quote would be lovely. Sorry.