Is Jeff Hardy retired or Still through WWE?

Jeff Hardy through his brother, Matt Hardy, and also friends began their very own federation, the Trampoline wrestles Federation (TWF).The TWF went under several different names, eventually being integrated into a ar fair in phibìc Carolina.Jeff and also Matt created their very own wrestling promotion, the company of modern Extreme Grappling art (OMEGA) with Thomas Simpson wherein each of the brothers depicted several various characters; Hardy depicted such personalities as willow the Wisp, Iceman, median Jimmy Jack Tomkins, and The masking Mountain.There, he hosted the brand-new Frontier Championship (NFC) together a singles competitor and also the sign Team Championship v Matt.The promotion folded in April 1998 as soon as they signed contracts with the WWF.He started on civilization Wrestling Federation (WWF) television as a jobber.His first WWF enhance was versus Razor Ramon on 23rd might 1994 in Youngstown, Ohio, with Randy Savage mentioning on commentary, "Welcome to the huge time".He climate wrestled under his real name against The 1-2-3 Kid, and also the match aired on the June 25 illustration of Superstars.The durable brothers eventually caught the eyes of the human being Wrestling Federation (WWF).In the year 1998, Jeff Hardy and also Matt signed a contract with WWE (then known as WWF), and were put under Raw, a section of the WWE.They then developed a tags team dubbed "The continuous Boyz".Hardy obtained attention for his high-risk stunts in the TLC matches, such as doing Swanton Bomb frontflips off of the top measures of 10 and also 20 foot high ladders, making a name for himself as among the most seemingly reckless and also unorthodox WWF performers the his time.In the year 2001, he take it up a an obstacle from "The Undertaker" because that the "Undisputed Championship" title in a ladder match, which the lost.He additionally competed on various occasions to accomplish many singles titles however was unsuccessful.In the year 2002, as soon as the brothers chose to component ways, Jeff Hardy ongoing with Raw.In July 2002, Hardy winner his third Hardcore Championship by defeating Bradshaw.He failed a drug test as result of which WWE monitoring fired him in April 2003.In the year 2004, he gotten in into a contract with complete Nonstop activity Wrestling (TNA).After he fought with A.J. Layouts for the X-Division title, he began scaling brand-new heights in wrestling.He then fought against Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match, which the lost.In TNA"s Lockdown April 2005 PPV event, he winner a match versus Raven.While through TNA, the won many matches, defeating numerous renowned wrestlers.On 4th August 2006, he rejoined WWE, and in the very first fight, he defeated "Edge", who was the climate WWE champion.He also vied through Johnny Nitro because that the Intercontinental title but lost.On second October 2006, he beat Nitro and gained ago the Intercontinental title.But the Intercontinental title preserved going earlier and forth in between Jeff and also Nitro, i beg your pardon he regulated to restore on 13th November 2006.In November 2006, that again teamed up with his brother after practically five years, and also defeated the "Full Blood Italians".At Survivor Series, they won over Team Rated-RKO with a clean sweep.In April 2007, they winner a 10-team match for the "World tags Team Championship".In June, they gave away their titles to Cade and Murdoch.He also lost the "WWE championship scramble" match.The continuous Boyz began a feud with Cade and also Murdoch and retained the Championship at Backlash and also Judgment Day yet they dropped the title on 4th June 2007.When Umaga defeated Hardy at The great American Bash to retain the Intercontinental Championship in July 2007, he to be abruptly taken off the WWE programming.He then discovered enough time come recover and also heal, as he was hurt from a bad fall in a match.He reverted on 27th august 2007 top top a raw edition beating Kennedy by disqualification after Umaga interfered.On 3rd September, he won his 4th Intercontinental Championship by defeating Umaga.At Survivor series in 2008, he challenged Triple H to win the timeless elimination match.The feud ongoing at Armageddon, within he defeated Triple H to end up being the No. 1 competitor for the WWE Championship.On 23rd June 2008, Hardy was drafted from the raw brand come the SmackDown brand, as a component of the 2008 WWE draft and also he do his SmackDown debut on the July 4 episode, beating John Morrison.He participated in the WWE Championship Scramble complement at Unforgiven and also challenged for the championship in ~ No Mercy and also Cyber Sunday, but failed to success each time.In a triple threat complement in December 2008, he beat "Edge" and also "Triple H", and also won the WWE Champion title, yet in royal Rumble 2009, he lost his title to Edge.He was named as one of the six males to contend in one elimination enhance at No method Out, whereby he endured till only two were left, and was eventually defeated by Triple H.On fourth January 2010, he returned to TNA on the first live illustration of Impact! v Shannon Moore.At Lockdown, he defeated Anderson and he later formed a tags team through him and also defeated Robert Roode and James Storm in a match.He also became TNA people Heavyweight Champion in November 2010.On 4th January 2011, that made his debut for brand-new Japan agree Wrestling, wherein he safeguarded the TNA human being Heavyweight Championship.In December 2011, at last Resolution, he defeated Jarrett in a complement to end up being the No.

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1 contender to the TNA civilization Heavyweight Championship.In January 2012, in ~ Genesis, he defeated TNA civilization Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode via disqualification, so as a result, the title continued to be with Roode.On 12th February, at against All Odds, he was unable to record the TNA human being Heavyweight Championship from Roode.In April 2012, at Lockdown, he defeated Kurt angle in a rematch.In might at Sacrifice, Anderson defeated him in a singles match.On the may 31 episode of affect Wrestling, he won voting to come to be the No. 1 contender to TNA television Championship.In November 2013, he gotten in the people Title Tournament and also reached the finals, yet was beat by Magnus.He climate quit TNA and also in February 2014, he went back to TNA in ~ Lockdown.From December 2014 to March 2015, several employees re-signed v TNA impact Wrestling, including Hardy.He do an figure on January 5, 2016 episode of affect Wrestling on its live pop TV debut (TV Show) backstage and also ringside to assistance his brothers Matt in the semi-finals and also finals that the TNA civilization Title Series, i beg your pardon Matt had actually later lost.In in march 2017, the left TNA to go back to WWE through Matt in April 2017 for WWE WrestleMania 33.The hardy Boyz came to be tag team champions because that the saturday time and defended the title versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.At Payback, The continuous Boyz kept their championships versus Cesaro and also Sheamus, who struck them ~ the match.At excessive Rules, The durable Boyz shed the titles against Cesaro and Sheamus in a stole cage match and failed to gain back it earlier the following month in ~ the good Balls the Fire event.He winner a battle royal by critical eliminating Jason Jordan to become the number one challenger for the Intercontinental Championship on respectable 28 episode of Raw.He experienced a shoulder injury and also it was reported the the injury would certainly sideline that for 4 to six months.He do a distinct appearance ~ above the 25th-anniversary illustration of raw in a poker segment likewise involving The APA, Ted DiBiase, and also many other wrestlers on 22nd January 2018.