Bug hall Biography

Bug room is one American actor that was born in ft Worth, Texas, U.S. As Brandon “Bug” Hall. The is best known because that his childhood roles as Alfalfa in The small Rascals (1994) and the Buster Stupid in The Stupids (1996).

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Bug hall Age

Hall is 36 years old together of 2021, he was born ~ above 4 February 1985 in ft Worth, Texas, united States. He celebrate his date of birth on February 4 every year and also his date of birth on Aquarius.

Bug room Height

Hall stands in ~ a height of 6 feet 3 inches. He has actually Dark brown hair color.

Bug room Education

Hall studied at high school for a few years and also later to reduce out due to his acting career.

Bug room Family

Hall to be born and raised by his parents in ft Worth, Texas. He was born together the second oldest in his family. He has actually two brothers Gemini Barnett and Star Hall and one sister called Porchia Stewart. Our efforts to uncover out much more about his family came come no avail as no such information is publicly available. Thus, the identity of Hall’s parents is still unclear. We will upgrade this section as soon as this details is available.

He got his nickname ‘Bug’ native his mother, a daycare facility worker who made up a story that he to be a “bug” and also if other kids sat top top him, they would certainly smash him. This to be her way of telling the youngsters at the daycare not to sit top top the baby!

Bug room Wife

Hall is married come Jill de Groff.  The couple married on 11 February 2017 in Encino, California. They space blessed v two daughters recognized as Josephina Groff and Therese Groff. His groomsmen were the Wizards of Waverly location star David Henrie and also Zachary Mabry and tiny Rascals co-star.

Bug Hall net Worth

Hall has an approximated net worth of $250 thousand dollars as of 2021. This has his assets, money, and also income. His primary resource of income is his career together an actor. With his assorted sources the income, Hall has been able to accumulate a an excellent fortune but prefers to command a usual lifestyle.

Bug Hall Measurements and Facts

Here space some interesting facts and body dimensions you should understand about pest Hall.

Bug Hall Wiki

Bug hall ImageFull Names: Brandon “Bug” HallPopular As: Alfalfa in The tiny Rascals (1994)Gender: MaleOccupation / Profession: ActorNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: ChristianitySexual Orientation: Straight

Bug Hall Birthday

Age / exactly how Old?: 36 year old together of 2021Zodiac Sign: AquariusDate the Birth: 4 February 1985Place the Birth: fort Worth, Texas, unified States.Birthday: February 4

Bug Hall human body Measurements

Body Measurements: To be updatedHeight / just how Tall?: 6 feet 3 inchesWeight: ModerateEye Color: To it is in updatedHair Color: To be updatedShoe Size: not Available

Bug HallFamily and also Relationship

Father (Dad): not KnownMother: not KnownSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): two brothers Gemini Barnett and Star Hall and one sister dubbed Porchia StewartMarital Status: MarriedWife/Spouse: Married come Jill de GroffDating / Girlfriend: not applicableChildren: young (To be updated) Daughter(s) (Josephina Groff and also Therese Groff)

Bug room Net Worth and also Salary

Net Worth: $250 thousands dollarsSalary: Under ReviewSource that Income: Actor

Bug Hall House and also Cars

Place of living: Los Angeles, CaliforniaCars: automobile Brand to be Updated

Bug hall Alfalfa

Hall is widely well-known as a kid actor during the 1990s, that is significant for depicting Our Gang child Alfalfa in the year 1994 film The little Rascals. He along with five rather in the cast of The little Rascals won a Young Artist compensation for finest Performance by a Youth Ensemble in a movement Picture.

Bug Hall little Rascals

Hall is ideal known for playing Our Gang kid Alfalfa in the 1994 movie The tiny Rascals, i beg your pardon was most successful as a kid actor in the 1990s. He and also five others won a Young Artist award for best Performance in a Motion snapshot by a Youth Ensemble in the cast of The little Rascals.

Following Rascals, room performed in man Landis’s The Stupids and also the soccer comedy The large Green. In 1996, room was nominated because that a YoungStar award (Best performance by a Young actor in a produced TV Movie) because that his job-related as Eddie Munster in the Fox telefilm The Munsters’ Scary small Christmas, and he voiced a little boy in Disney’s Hercules in the year 1997.

Bug Hall acquire A Clue

Hall likewise appeared in 2002 v Lindsay Lohan and also Brenda track in the original movie gain a proviso by the Disney Channel. Hall appeared on Charmed, solid Medicine, CSI: Crime step Investigation, Cold Case, Justice, Providence, Criminal Minds, and also 90210, with plenty of notable TV guest appearances.

Bug hall Criminal Minds

Hall depicted paranoid schizophrenic Ben Foster in the Season 6 episode with Friends prefer These that Criminal Minds.

Bug room American Pie

Hall was cast as Robert “Rob” Shearson, in a 2009 American sex comedy film, American Pie presents The book of Love.

Bug Hall and also Brittany Ashton Holmes

Hall stirred through Brittany Ashton Holmes in The small Rascals where he appeared as Alfalfa and also Brittany as Darla.

Bug room Harley and The Davidsons

Hall was actors as Arthur Davidson, motorcycle manufacturer and the brother to Walter Davidson, Sr. And William A. Davidson in the American tv miniseries Harley and the Davidsons.

Bug hall Actor

Hall is famous as a kid actor throughout the 1990s, the is famed for illustrating Our Gang kid Alfalfa in the year 1994 movie The tiny Rascals. Pest along with five others in the actors of The tiny Rascals winner a Young Artist compensation for best Performance through a Youth Ensemble in a movement Picture.

Following Rascals, Hall showed up in john Landis’s The Stupids and the football comedy The large Green. In 1996, hall was nominated because that a YoungStar award, finest Performance by a Young gibbs in a produced TV Movie for his work as Eddie Munster in the Fox telefilm The Munsters’ Scary little Christmas and voiced a tiny boy in Disney’s Hercules in the year 1997.

He played the lead together Scout Bozell in the film security Patrol in the year 1998. Hall also appeared in Disney’s Honey, we Shrunk Ourselves as Adam Szalinski. Due to the fact that then, that has ongoing to execute in films as a teenager and also a young adult.

He was in the direct-to-DVD film Skipped Parts, exit in the year 2000 together Mischa Barton. Also, he appeared in the year 2002 in the Disney Channel original film acquire a Clue, certification Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song. Hall has had numerous notable TV guest performances, showing up on Charmed, solid Medicine, CSI: Crime step Investigation, Cold Case, Justice, Providence, Criminal Minds and also 90210.

On 20 June 2020, he to be arrested under uncertainty of possession and the inhaling/ingesting of volatile chemicals. He to be booked right into the Parker ar Jail ~ above a US$1,500 bond and also bonded the end on June 21 the very same year.

Hall uploaded one hour-long video to his YouTube channel in which that talked about his arrest ~ above 27 October 2020. Hall also disclosed that, together a child, that had confronted sexual abuse at the hand of his own organic father and, later, two males who served on the film The small Rascals. He also revealed his retirement from the movie industry and also moved come Michigan to serve on a farm, but he will certainly be coming out of retirement come play Richard the Lionheart in a collection called Knights that the Cross.

Bug hall Movies

2015 Subterranea2015 body High2014 The small Rascals save the Day2014 north Blvd2012 Fortress2012 Atlas Shrugged: part II2012 Karaoke Man2012 Arachnoquake2009 Camouflage2009 American Pie Presents: The publication of Love2008 The work the planet Stopped2005 Mortuary2004 Arizona Summer2000 Skipped Parts1998 Mel1997 Honey, we Shrunk Ourselves1997 Hercules1996 The Stupids1995 The big Green1994 The small Rascals

Frequently asked Questions about Bug room

Who is Bug Hall?

Bug room is one American actor. The is finest known because that his childhood duties as Alfalfa in The small Rascals (1994) and also the Buster Stupid in The Stupids (1996).

How bug Hall is Hall?

Hall is one American nationwide born top top 4 February 1985 in fort Worth, Texas, joined States.

How tall is pest Hall?

Hall stands at a elevation of 1.88 m

Is an insect Hall married?

Hall is married to his lovely mam Jill de Groff. The pair has two kids together.

How much is hall worth?

Hall has actually an approximate network worth of $250 thousand. This amount has actually been accrued from his leading duties in the entertain industry.

Where does room live?

Hall is a resident of Los Angeles, California, USA, we shall upload photos of his residence as quickly as we have actually them.

Is hall dead or alive?

Hall is tho alive and also in an excellent health. There have actually been no reports of him being sick or having any type of health-related issues.

Where is hall now?

Actor: room is functioning as an acting teacher in Joey Travolta’s entertain experience.

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