Birthday / age / day of bear / how old / DOB march 16, 1985. As of 2021, he is approximately 36 years old.

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Scott Pfaff is one American truth TV personality, brand and business owner and a skilled skateboarder from the state that Ohio.A natural-born multi-tasker, Scott is always up for a new difficulty and adventure, something the is reflected in his exciting business and professional ventures.
Pfaff to be born on in march 16, 1985, in Akron, Ohio.He has a younger brother called Chris Pfaff who is additionally a truth television star and also entrepreneur.Scott’s nickname is large Cat.Scott and also his brother chris Pfaff are the cousins of TV host, businessman and also celebrity, plunder Dyrdek. Plunder is finest known because that starring in the fact shows Rob & Big & Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.In 2005, Scott graduated from Coventry High School.
In 2011, Scott to be rumored to be in a romantic connection with other reality star and also host Chanel West Coast, yet neither the them ever publicly shown the relationship.In late 2018, he began dating media star Koreen Odiney. Koreen is the creator of We’re no Really Strangers, a podcast the is aimed in ~ helping civilization from various walks of life connect and also find usual ground.
Pfaff began skating at the young age of 13. By age 19, the had made decision to drop out of college and started to seek his expert skating job in Los Angeles, California.While in Los Angeles, he was contacted by his cousin, plunder Dyrdek, who had plans to build a brand-new reality TV series, Fantasy Factory, which would air top top MTV. Rob want Scott to be among the individualities featured ~ above the show, which ultimately ran for a complete seven seasons.At age thirty-two, Pfaff struck it large when he appeared on the “Rob and also Big” show, which was a truth TV display starring his cousin, Rob, and his bodyguard, Christopher Boykin AKA, large Black. The show ran from 2006 it rotates 2008.Pfaff has likewise appeared on assorted other TV mirrors such as Ridiculousness, Nitro Circus, TakePart Live as well as the hit MTV series, Punk’d.
Scott is also a renowned music producer in Hollywood who has worked with artists such as Lil Twist, Kelly Rowland, and also Yelawolf.With his newfound fame and success, Scott determined to increase his empire and also created a garments brand he called ‘Born A Lion.’He additionally had a apparel line called “Young and also Reckless,” i m sorry has come to be popular amongst Hollywood celebs such together 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, beanie Guadagnino, and also Zac Efron.

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When Fantasy Factory very first aired top top MTV, chris was recovering indigenous a serious damaged neck injury.Scott is quite the star in his very own right on society media through over 750,000 pendant on Instagram and also over 400,000 pendant on Twitter.Scott has actually an creative and creative side come his personality and is a large fan the collecting antique watches, paintings and other an innovative art. In addition to collecting the items, the loves to sell them virtual at differing prices depending upon how an important they are.

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