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Andy Biersack Biography

Andy Biersack is one American singer, pianist, and actor. That goes by his famous name Andy six or Andy black as the founder and also lead vocalist for the American rock band black color Veil Brides. 

Biersack started his solo music project in might 2014, under the label Andy Black. He exit his an initial album ”The shadow Side” after two years.

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Andy Biersack Age

Andy is 30 years old together of 2020, he was born as Andrew Dennis Biersack top top December 26, 1990, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the united States. He celebrates his birthday on December 26th every year.

Andy Biersack Height

Biersack often tends to watch tall through her height. The stands in ~ a height of 6 feet 2 inches( 1.87 m). He additionally weighs around 68 kg (150 pounds).

Andy Biersack Education

Biersack was increased by a dedicated Catholic family members in Cincinnati. That attended a Catholic primary school school. It was there he fell in love with music while discovering songs from bands prefer ‘The Damned’ ‘The Misfits’ ‘Avenged Sevenfold’, ‘Kiss’, and ‘The Dropkick Murphys’. Since of his dressing code, he was the subject of bullying by the large kids in the school, yet nonetheless, Biersack never adjusted his mind indigenous the music no his dressing style.

This bullying made the come v a song “Knives and Pens” music video, perform by his band black Veil Brides. Biersack fulfills his further training in music at the ‘School for an imaginative and Performing Arts’ in his hometown of Cincinnati, wherein he majored in drama and also vocal music. Nonetheless, that left his hometown come Los Angles shortly after transforming 18, leaving before graduation.

Andy Biersack Parents

Biersack is atheism, though, his upbringing was in a religious family. That is the son of Chris Biersack and his mam Amy Biersack. In an interview through Loudwire in 2012, Andy said, said, “I’m not a spiritual person however I thrived up in a spiritual family. I saw the funeral for my grandfather, a human that i love really much, and everyone is speaking about how he went to Heaven and also how he’s in Heaven. I always fight with that, since I would love nothing an ext to believe that my grand is in the clouds play “Xbox 460″ or everything awesome stuff they have actually up in Heaven, but I can’t.”

Andy Biersack Wife

Biersack is one American singer, pianist, and also actor. The is married to Juliet Simms that is similarly a singer, songwriter, poet, and entrepreneur. Moreover, she has actually been the frontwoman the the tape Automatic Loveletter indigenous 2007 to 2011. Andy and also Juliet Simms got married in April of 2016 in a private ceremony. Before marrying Juliet, he had a short relationship through a singer and songwriter Lexus Amanda in the past. Biersack has also dated a vocalist Layla Allman.

Andy Biersack Daughter

Sevannah Biersack is Andy’s daughter. Juliet didn’t tell Andy that he has a daughter

Andy Biersack network Worth

Biersack has actually achieved an excellent success from his music because he came limelight indigenous 2006. As of 2020, he has an approximated net worth of $4 million.

Andy Biersack Measurements and Facts

Here space some amazing facts and body measurements you need to know around Andy Biersack.

Andy Biersack photo

Andy Biersack Wiki

Full Names: Andrew Dennis BiersackPopular As: Andy BlackGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: Musician, Actor, Singer, Pianist.Nationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: AtheismSexual Orientation: Straight

Andy Biersack Birthday

Age / exactly how Old?: 30 years old(2020)Zodiac Sign: CapricornDate that Birth: December 26, 1990Place that Birth: Cincinnati, OH, U.SBirthday: 26th December

Andy Biersack body Measurements

Body Measurements: no AvailableHeight / how Tall?: 6 feet 2 inches( 1.87 m)Weight: 68 kg (150 pounds)Eye Color: BlueHair Color: Dirty BlondeShoe Size: 7.5(US)Chest: 35 in or 89 cmBiceps: 11 in or 28 cmWaist: 27 in or 69 cm

Other body Features

Body complete of tattoosLip piercingNose ringEarrings

Andy Biersack Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): chris BiersackMother: Amy BiersackSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): not KnownMarital Status: MarriedWife/Spouse: Married come Juliet SimmsChildren: Under Review

Andy Biersack Networth and also Salary

Net Worth: $4 MillionSalary: Under ReviewSource that Income: Music

Andy House and also Cars

Place the living: Los Angeles, CACars: to be UpdatedAndy Biersack black Veil Brides

He had actually an attention in music due to the fact that he was a young boy. He had actually a huge influence on his creativity and also got influenced by music symbol bands such together ‘The Dropkick Murphys’, ‘Kiss’, ‘The Damned’, ‘The Misfits’, and ‘Avenged Sevenfold’.

Andy together with a couple of friends created their very first band, dubbed “Biersack” aptly called after himself. The band would certainly later readjust into the publicly recognized rock tape ‘Black Veil Brides’. The tape signed on with major record brand in September 2009. Later, the band began making tours and recording songs. Before the end of 2009, they exit their first music video for “Knives and Pens” which acquired over 200 million views on its very first day.

The outcome of the band’s first video was definitely successful, which guarantee the chart-topping album ‘We Stich this Wounds’ to be issued. Indeed, the success the this album was amazing as it managed to break sales thresholds of an ext than 13000 copies. The band’s second studio album, collection the people on Fire, was released on June 14, 2011, through Lava Music/Universal Republic Records. The fourth album that the band was exit in 2014.

Andy Biersack Solo Project

Nonetheless, it to be time for Andy to take a brand-new path, a solo music career. Together a result, he readjusted his name to Andy Black. Biersack explained that his solo arrangement will have actually a fully different quality contrasted to the band and also that the felt he couldn’t produce that sound in ~ the band, thus deciding to take it on as a solo artist. His music would sound like those ’80s synth and also goth music. Andy will, however, functioned with former Black Veil Brides producer man Feldmann.

He exit his an initial single titled “They Don’t should Understand”, on may 19, 2014, with a music video via warm Topic online. Moreover, he introduced his an initial Andy black album ”The zero Side” on might 6, 2016. Likewise, his lead solitary from the project “We Don’t need to Dance” was released on march 18, 2016, through a music video clip for the track being released on in march 21.

Biersack announced his second album, The Ghost that Ohio top top February 15, 2019, consequently released on April 12, 2019. An ext so, he authored the supernatural, historical fiction graphics novel Ghost that Ohio, in cooperation with Z2 Comics the was exit on April 19, 2012, as a tie-in come the album Ghost the Ohio.

Andy Biersack Actor

Other 보다 being a singer, Biersack is additionally an actor. He has been cast to play the role of Johnny Faust in the independent supernatural thriller movie American Satan alongside Ben Bruce the the rock tape Asking Alexandria. Apart from that, he has additionally taken a small part in the at & t commercial “Confetti”, and also a 30-second point out in the Montana Meth advertisement “Jumped”.

Biersack has additionally played the duty of Andy in the comedy series Average, Joe. He showed up in a total of 11 episodes. Not just that but additionally starred in the black Veil Brides full-length attribute film, Legion that the Black, which was released top top January 6, 2013, to support the band’s 3rd album

Andy Biersack Tattoos Image


Andy Biersack Injuries

Biersack has actually experienced multiple major injuries the he has actually sustained during his current concerts. The most terrifying that these to be the one caused as result of his loss from a 15-foot phase while performing in Hollywood. It took him quite some time to recover though return normal. Andy has additionally endured an additional serious sleep injury in 2011, yet recovered from that abruptly and went top top to perform soon after ~ the event.

In an interview through Revolver Magazine in 2011, Biersack stated:

I never ever anticipated see 40. I smoke two packs a day and drink prefer a camel. I simply don’t really think about death. I know I’m gonna die one day, however if i can attain all of mine goals and also live exactly the means I desire to before then, I’ll have no regrets as soon as I die. I don’t shot to pains myself favor Iggy popular music or Marilyn Manson or noþeles – it’s simply the byproduct that the chaos of being on stage.

Andy Biersack Songs

They Don’t require To understand Ghost the Ohio Westwood road Break her Halo

Love to be Made to rest Louder 보다 Your Love recognize One

Beyond My reach Soul favor Me The Wind & Spark

Fire In my Mind bvb Ribcage Knives and also Pens

Paint it black Fallen Angels Perfect Weapon

Andy Andy Sixx Rebel Love tune Drown Me Out

My method Hello My hate Not damaged Yet Done for You

Frequently asked Questions around Andy Biersack

Who is Andy Biersack?

Biersack is one American singer, pianist, and also actor. The goes through his well-known name Andy six or Andy black color as the founder and also lead vocalist because that the American absent band black Veil Brides.

How old is Andy Biersack?

Biersack is one American nationwide born on 26th December 1990, in Cincinnati, OH.

How tall is Andy Biersack?

Biersack stands at a height of 1.87 m.

Is Andy Biersack married?

Yes, that is married to Juliet Simms. They acquired married in April the 2016 in a private ceremony. The pair resides in Los Angeles.

How much is Andy Biersack worth?

Biersack has an approximate net worth of $4 million. This amount has been accrued native his effective music career.

Where walk Andy Biersack live?

He is a resides of Los Angeles, CA, USA, us shall upload photos of his house as soon as we have them.

Is Andy Biersack dead or alive?

Biersack is alive and in good health. There have been no reports that him gift sick or having any health-related issues.

Biersack social Media Contacts


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