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Anna Brenda Contreras was born ~ above 24 December 1986. The birthplace that Anna Brenda Contreras is, follow to she biography, a place dubbed Rio Bravo in the Tamaulipas region of the Mexico. In ~ the moment, Anna Brenda Contreras is 29 years old. Anna Brenda to be born under the astrological Sun authorize of Capricorn. Since Anna's specific time of birth is no available; her Ascendant is unknown. For a Capricorn woman, Anna Brenda Contreras is an extremely tall - her height is 1.75 meters. Her load is 65 kilograms, i m sorry is an ideal weight for she body constitution. Anna Brenda has actually a curvy human body constitution and is thought about to be among the sexiest mexican actresses. Anna Brenda grew up in a Catholic household in she hometown the Rio Bravo. She showed specific interest in acting and singing indigenous her beforehand age. Most of her totally free time, she would watch Spanish soap operas or song songs in English and also Spanish. Together a teen, Anna dreamy of coming to be a successful actress. She wanted to become a beautiful and wealthy actress, similar to the actress' in telenovelas were. Eventually, she made she dream come true; she ended up being an actress the telenovelas and also a singer in numerous bands and also got a network worth the $2 million. Her strict Christian parents, whose names room unknown, go not approve Anna to become an actress, yet she never listened to them, and also she had adhered to her dreams. Over there is no information available on even if it is Anna Brenda Contreras has siblings or not.

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Her career in music started as soon as she was an extremely young. Once she was just at 15 years of age, Anna Brenda moved from Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas to the resources of Mexico - Mexico City. Follow to she biography, the reason for her relocating was the so she might be a participant the a fact television display entitled popular music Stars. She ended up being a finalist of that show. Later, she joined a band dubbed „t'detila“. Along with that band, she released a studio album. Her career in acting started when she illustrated the character of Juanita in the telenovela Barrera de amor. She to be a component of the manufacturing team because that the reincarnated music Grease. Anna had also starred in the soap opera Duelo de Pasiones. She played the character of Claudia in Duelo de Pasiones. She had also starred in numerous movies. She appeared in numerous telenovelas, but she has to act in so numerous telenovelas to become like Thalia, one actress i beg your pardon starred in an ext than 100 telenovels.


Anna Brenda Contreras had very first attended one elementary college in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. She to be an succesful college student at her elementary school and had every the straight A's, according to she biography. After ~ her primary school education, Anna Brenda checked out a high college in Mexico City. Favor at she elementary school, she was additionally successful at her high school. She studied at the facility for Arts education and learning Televisa so she can improve her acting. Her education in acting and talent because that acting and also music deserve Anna Brenda a network worth the $2 million.

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Personal Life

The husband that Anna Brenda was Alejandro Amaya. They obtained married in 2013 in ras Vegas. The couple didn't have children from your marriage. They have actually undergone divorce shortly after stepping right into marriage waters.