THE BAND-MATES of every Time Low continues to stay relevant due to the fact that forming their rock band in 2003.

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The pop-punk band proceeds to autumn singles and also are at this time touring through all original band members tho in sync.


The initial members of all Time Low are reunited and also touring for the latest album wake Up SunshineCredit: Getty

Who space the members of all Time Low?

Known because that songs to ~ Maria, count Me In, and also Damned If I perform Ya (Damned If ns Don’t), the band formed in Towson, Maryland in 2003. And also put out their very first album in 2007.

They originally formed as a high college cover band prior to moving into the pop-punk music genre. They placed out their first album, for this reason Wrong It's Right, in 2007 and also became a family members name in 2009.

Lead Guitar

Jack Barakat, the band's command guitarist, to be the initial co-founder of all Time short alongside Alex Gaskarth.

He to be born in 1988 in Lebanon and also moved come the US once he was a infant and settled in Baltimore, Maryland.

He dated actress Abigail Breslin in 2013 but is at this time not in a relationship. He has a network worth of $1million.


Born in Essex, England, 33-year-old guitar player Alex Gaskarth has actually a net worth that $1million, making the the 14th richest pop-punk artist, follow to Popbuzz.

In 2016, Gaskarth married Lisa Ruocco who he met 10 years earlier when he was 16 years old. Castle met in ~ an all Time short concert at the High School senior barbeque, yet he dated Ruocco’s finest friend, Samantha, first.

Samantha came to be Ruocco’s maid of respect at the wedding.





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Bassist and Back-Up Vocals

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Zack Merrick join the band at the end of nine grade in 2003 together a bassist and backup vocalist.

Now 33 years old, Merrick’s network worth is an approximated $1million.

Drum Kit

Also a Baltimore, Maryland native, Rian Dawson plays north in your band, and like his band-mates, he has a net worth of $1million.

Dawson got engaged to nation artist Cassadee Pope in February 2017 after being together for 7 years, however the couple split only 5 months later.

How countless albums has actually All Time Low placed out?

All Time Low produced their name from lyrics in a song by new Found Glory titled Head on Collision.

"It's not simply what girlfriend say come peopleAnd it's not the means you look at meIt's the means you existing yourselfFor all her worst movie critics to see

And that feels likeI'm in ~ an all-time low" - new Found Glory

The tape took a step ago from the limelight in 2017 after lock released their album The critical Young Renegade.

After a two-year break, the band got ago together to produce their brand-new sound in their album It’s tho Nothing Personal: A Ten Year Tribute. Their many recent album, wake up Up Sunshine, was released in 2020.

When have the right to I check out All Time Low?

All Time low is finally touring again with shows across the US and also Canada, consisting of Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

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Their next concert is ~ above October 27, 2021, at 7pm in Sioux, southern Dakota.

Rian Dawson posted on Instagram Friday, October 22 and said, “Feeling an ext grateful every work to be able to play for you all again. Couldn’t yes, really place just how much playing mirrors meant come me till it to be taken away, and also damn room we every happy to it is in back.”