I believe it is since the kids need to learn an easy maths and literacy skills, yet for pure magic family members who dont send their youngsters to school before Hogwarts, is the obligation the parent's come make certain their youngsters aren't finish potatoes before they walk off to Hogwarts?


UK second school starts in ~ 11.

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Theoretically parents could send their youngsters to muggle primary schools from eras 4-11 and then send them on to Hogwarts. However most wizarding family members homeschool. Children who space muggleborn will have been sent to main school (like harry was) and then as soon as they would be changing to an additional anyway they go to Hogwarts rather - at the start of Philosopher's stone it's pointed out that Dudley was going to go to the personal school in September, and also Harry come the state school, as both that them had actually finished primary school. Someone else stated that they were going come be sent to Eton after ~ primary. So it renders sense for hogwart to take children from the finish of major school too.

But, space the parents forced to send their kids to major school or homeschool? Or have the right to the children just perform nothing institution wise until Hogwarts

Some Wizards or Witches don't show magical potential until quite late (Neville Longbottom because that example) - due to the fact that Potter published the need for a enough standard of wonder potential through the Quill of Acceptence & the publication of Admittance.

Also second school in the UK starts in ~ the same period & the O.W.L / N.E.W.T mechanism at hogwarts is straight mirrored the the G.C.S.E & A-Level system used in the U.K.

I assume pure-bloods are home taught simple arithmatic & language an abilities which are improved at hogwart as a by-product of your education.

Remember maths is not as essential in the magical human being (no require for designers or similar skills) & enchanted quills can help with assignment & therefore on.

The Hogwarts college system and also exam device makes an ext sense if you have actually been v the British institution system.

Also things like huge school trunks are staples of british boarding school books even if a muggle in the 90s is an ext likely to use a wheeled suitcase or canvas bag with a zip and probably not also own a trunk choose that.

It’s probably because high school in the UK starts in ~ 11/12 and Hogwarts is claimed to it is in the magic equivalent.

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