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View a map with driving directionsusing your preferred map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You deserve to use to get thecost to drive from Baltimore to new York.

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More trip calculations

Road pilgrimage planner

The complete cost that driving native Baltimore, MD to brand-new York, NY (one-way) is $24.23at present gas prices.

The ring trip cost would be $48.47 to go from Baltimore, MD to new York, NY and back to Baltimore, MD again.

Regular fuel costs are about $3.17 per gallonfor her trip. This calculation assumes the your vehicle getsan median gas mileage of 25 mpg for amix of city and highway driving.

All currency units space U.S. Dollars. If you preferinternational units, the tantamount petrol pump price is 83.8 cents/litre. This suspect a typical fuel economic situation of 9.4 L/100 km.

You"ll go v 7.6 gallonsof gas throughout this trip. This is same to 28.9 litres.

If you fill her tank through unleaded gasoline,the carbon emissions will certainly be approximately 149 lbs CO2.This is identical to 68 kg CO2e or 0.07 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents.These number may readjust depending ~ above the precise makeand model of your car. If your auto uses dieselinstead, the CO2 emissions will certainly be approximately 175 lbs CO2,which is tantamount to 79 kg CO2e or 0.08 tonnes that carbon dioxide equivalents.

These results are based on the really driving distance from Baltimore, MD to brand-new York, NY, i beg your pardon is 191 miles or 307 kilometers.

Your trip starts in Baltimore, Maryland.The price of continual gas is right now averaging $3.03 in Maryland.

Your pilgrimage ends in new York, brand-new York.The price of constant gas is approximately $3.32 in brand-new York.

Currently, we only have specific data for locationsin the unified States. To boost the accuracy of her fuel costestimate, girlfriend can go into the actual price girlfriend pay for gas or petrolat the neighborhood pump in the table above.

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Fuel costs

The following chart display screens the difference intotal expense of driving offered varying fuel grades. If her carrequires greater octane gas, friend can uncover out exactly how much more itwill cost you to drive in between Baltimore, MD and brand-new York, NY.

Fuel grade Avg Price Trip Cost