10 richest Authors In The people Click below to watch which authors come head-to-head v the likes that J.K. Rowling as the richest authors in the world.

almost 700 million printed publications were marketed in America just in 2018. According to Forbes, 10 authors space responsible for marketing 30 million copies and also made $312 million. The numbers room impressive, yet writing a bestseller is no easy, yet a selected number of high-profile writers have regulated to build an empire with your writing. The doesn"t median the movie critics love them.

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Most surname on this list seem come have uncovered the crucial for success and also they are amongst the highest-earning authors for years. The mystery for success appears to save the public engaged with constant production and also engaging characters.


10 Michael Wolff net Worth: $13 million

2018 is a year that Michael Wolff will certainly not forget. Many thanks to his publication Fire and Fury, he debuted the list of highest-earning authors in the world. That is likewise the one non-fiction writer top top the list. The publication brought increase a many polemics due to its politics theme and it helped to boost the sales. Just in 2018, Wolff marketed $13 million in books.

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The author is also negotiating a 2nd Fire and Fury book and also there are plenty of producers interested to buy the legal rights for television. So that won"t it is in a surprise if we check out Michael Wolff"s surname in this perform in the comes years.

9 rick Riordan net Worth: $35 million

Rick Riordan is the psychic behind the Percy Jackson books. Perhaps as soon as he to be a High school teacher that was producing stories, he could not imagine he was structure a an international phenomenon with countless fans and also he would end up being one of the wealthiest authors in the world. He is likewise responsible for presenting the Greek gods to a new generation.

According come Forbes, just in 2018, the made $10.5 million. But the money additionally comes native Percy Jackson license is granted products and a contract through Broadway that could put the story on stages soon.


8 James Patterson net Worth: $145 million

James Patterson appears to be offered to gift on top. This is the 10th time the is among the highest-earning writers, but it wasn"t always like that. Much more than 30 publishers have decreased his very first novel, yet he did no take no for an answer and didn"t provide up. Simply last year the made $86 million.

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His last book, The chairman Is Missing, is a political thriller that was written in addition to ex-president invoice Clinton. It to be an undeniable success and in less than one year, practically 700,000 books were sold.

7 E.L. James net Worth: $150 million

It seems that the Fifty Shades the Grey is still gaining fans approximately the world. Last year E.L James marketed $10.5 million ~ above books and is still one of the highest-earning authors in the world. Choose it or not, E.L. James is more than likely the most powerful phenomenon the this decade and her characters, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, have countless fans all over the world.

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In April the this year, the writer introduced us to The Mister, she newest novel, that also goes approximately mysterious characters. Unfortunately, the publication was smashed by the critics.


6 Dan Brown network Worth: $178 million

Since Dan Brown released The Da Vinci password almost 15 year ago, he became a synonym of huge sales and profit for publishers. Brown later on published several various other editorial success favor Demon and also Angels and also Lost Symbol. He exit his newest book, Origin, in 2018 and also it quickly went come the an initial position on every bestsellers lists for weeks.

Brown is well-known for his mystery thrillers and just a couple of writers are as great with plot twists as he is. In 2018 that made $18.5 million and also he has actually a network worth approximated on $178 million.

5 john Grisham net Worth: $220 million

According come Publishers Weekly, john Grisham is among the 10 most well-known writers in America. Unsurprisingly, he likewise ranked among the highest-earning authors in the world. His novels are mainly legal thrillers and also he write at the very least one publication per year.

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During an interview through The Guardian, he claimed he is conscious that his name became a brand, yet it was no planned. He simply wanted to create his stories. Grisham claimed that he started writing during the "80s when he was still working as a lawyer and wrote his an initial novel as a hobby.


4 daniel Steel network Worth: $310 million

Her story seem never ever to obtain old! For years we have actually seen her name among bestsellers and also she is still posting books almost every year.

The combination of consistent publications and also a solid number of fans, make her titles a guarantee success. And numbers deserve to prove it; danielle Steel has sold virtually one billion books and, follow to Forbes, she made $12 million (tied up through Nora Roberts). In 2019, the writer published her latest novel Lost and also Found. For this reason there room high possibilities we space still see her name of the list next year.

3 Nora Roberts net Worth: $390 Million

Nora Roberts—just like Danielle Steel—is an additional American editorial phenomenon. She is also one the the most abundant writers in the US and also has written more than 200 books and her critical novel, Under Currents, being released in April. Thanks to her faithful fans, her books are often a guarantee of a bestseller to editors, also if movie critics don"t love her.

According come Forbes, she make $14 million just in 2018, yet her net worth is approximated at $390 million. Roberts is amongst the wealthiest self-made world in America. Beyoncé, among the most an effective women ~ above showbusiness, because that example, has $350 million.


2 Stephen King net Worth: $400 million

Stephen King is a name that needs to introductions. He has written more than 70 horror books and also sold much more than 40 million copies all end the world. Together we know, his novels were adapted several time to cinema and also television. It: chapter II will certainly be released in September the this year as result of the very first movie"s good success — ending up being the highest-grossing fear movie of all time.

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All those numbers additionally mean a many money. Follow to Forbes, Stephen King do $27 million critical year and also has a complete net worth evaluated top top $400 million.

1 J.K. Rowling net Worth: $1 Billion

J.K. Rowling doesn"t prefer to talk about money, yet according come Forbes, she has actually built an empire of $650 million. Simply in 2018, she make $54 million, i beg your pardon puts she in the 2nd position on this list.

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Since she released her first Harry Potter book in 1997, she marketed 500 million books. Much more than books, Harry Potter became a valuable franchise v movies, plays, a theme park, and countless various other products.

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She has additionally written the Fantastic Beasts, that also became a effective movie franchise and additionally has several fans around the world.