Remember Victoria Justice? The Nickelodeon star to be a staple of childhood for plenty of Gen Zers. She had two well-known shows on the network. Justice started onZoey 101in 2005. The present lasted until 2008.

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Then, Justice acquired her own display on the network.Victoriouspremiered in 2010. The display had a three-year run, through Justice playing the main character Tori Vega. Also though the mirrors were targeted to children, Justice made grown-up money native her occupational on both shows. Now, she has a formidable network worth.

The once renowned Victoria Justice actions out the the spotlight


Victoria justice | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Justice’s early success was impressive. Simply three year after beginning her exhilaration career, she landed a huge role top top a famous network show.

In Zoey 101, Justice plays Lola Martinez, a new student and aspiring actress. The duty probably wasn’t much of a stretch because that Justice. She and also her family had just moved come LA two years earlier, in 2003. She was embraced into the prestigious Los Angeles Performing art Magnet School, for this reason she had actually a the majority of experience being both a brand-new girl and also an aspiring actress.

Justice is in reality a twin threat. She sings as well as acts. She perform songs for the Nickelodeon television musicalSpectacular!,and she taped tracks forVictoriousas well.

But all the was ago in the early 2010s. Justice hasn’t been up to much these days. She’s to be on single episodes of some renowned shows, likeAmerican Housewifein 2018. She was inEye Candyon MTV, however that only lasted a season.

Her biggest credit sinceVictoriouswas more than likely her function on the TV remake ofRocky Horror snapshot Show.She play Jane, among the key characters. She starred together Laverne Cox.

Even despite Justice hasn’t been exhilaration or to sing a ton, that doesn’t median she’s no busy.

Charity may take up many of Victoria Justice’s time

Justice has actually a enthusiasm for law good. She’s been affiliated in charity work-related for years, and also although she’s not working on any large acting tasks right now, she may be acquisition up a lot of her time through charity work.

She supports theUnited countries Foundation, which does a lot of great work in arising countries. Many notably, she go a many for their Girl up campaign. The charity campaign benefitted girls in developing countries. In 2010, Justice went on a charity tour to help the campaign. She’s additionally worked tough at spreading the word around the charities she supports.

It seems like her charity job-related is quiet going strong. Last year, she posted a picture of herself at a charity poker tournament on Instagram. In the post, Justice urges her followers to learn an ext about the foundation that hosted the event.

Justice is a talented actress and also singer. That seems favor she’s been acquisition things straightforward lately, yet she hasn’t disappeared completely. It’s feasible she’s simply relaxing until the right role comes along. After all, she have the right to afford it.

Victoria Justice’s net worth

Justice’s network worth, as approximated by the website Celebrity network Worth, clocks in at a lining $10 million. That’s pretty impressive, particularly considering she’s been fairly inactive in the last few years, at least when it pertains to the entertainment business.

In fact, many of those $10 million probably originates from her duties onZoey 101andVictorious.According come Celebrity net Worth, Justice to be making about $50,000 per episode on Zoey.HerVictorioussalary was more than likely similar, or also higher.

Justice started acting in ~ 10 year old. She appeared in commercials, and had a few small parts on various television shows prior to her large break onZoey.

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Her at an early stage credits encompass an illustration each ofThe Suite Life that Zack and also Cody and also Gilmore Girls.