Tommy Thayer is a gifted songwriter and also musician that is most recognized for gift a member and lead guitarist that Kiss, a prominent tough rock band. That is additionally known because that being the lead guitarist because that the black color ‘n Blue band. Thayer has remained in the company for about 50 years. Despite the reality that he has been there because that a long time, the is still relevant. He also continues to develop new talents and experience, i beg your pardon he has put to an excellent use in improving his performance.

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So, how familiar are you v Tommy Thayer? If not much, we’ve assembled everything you need to know about Tommy Thayer’s network worth in 2021, consisting of his age, height, weight, wife, children, biography, and personal information. Thus, if you’re ready, here’s all us know about Tommy Thayer therefore far.

Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings of Tommy Thayer

Tommy Thayer’s net worth is approximated to be $12 million in 2021. His principal source of earnings is his occupational as a songwriter and musician. He provides a life by marketing singles and albums. He provides money through his concerts through bands, i m sorry is same significant. Last however not least, Thayer has remained in a number of movies. Tommy has actually a huge net worth together a an outcome of all of his income-generating enterprises.

Early Life and Biography

Tommy Thayer to be born as cutting board Cunningham Thayer to Patricia and also James Thayer. His date of birth is November 7th, 1960, and he was born in Portland, Oregon. The did, however, thrive up in a musical family in the Beaverton, Oregon area. Thayer has actually up to four siblings, who names room unknown. They are consisted of of three brothers and a sister. He have to have followed in his mother’s footsteps and also entered the music industry. She to be a violinist and a singer, after all. His father, top top the various other hand, was a community leader and also businessman. The was additionally a brigadier general in the United says Army. Because of his mother’s profession, he was exposed come a variety of category at a young age. The Beatles, standard 1960s popular music music, and classical music comprised the majority of them. Thayer’s passionate for and association with hard rock artist from the 1970s to be obvious. Together a result, he had currently decided on electrical guitar in ~ the period of thirteen.

Age, Height, Weight, and also Body Dimensions

So, exactly how old is Tommy Thayer in 2021, and also how tall and also how hefty is he? Tommy Thayer, that was born on November 7, 1960, is 60 year old as of today’s date, august 6, 2021. In spite of his elevation of 6′ 2′′ in feet and inches and 189 cm in centimetres, he weighs 194 pounds and 88 kilograms.


Tommy Thayer i graduated from Sunset High school in 1978. The didn’t proceed his education and learning after graduating. Instead, he started playing in local garage bands and also club bands. He later teamed up with Jaime St. James. Thayer and also the single became a duo before ending up being the Black’n Blue band.

Dating, girlfriends, wife, and also kids

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In terms of Tommy Thayer’s personal life, over there is very small information available to the public. He does, however, have actually a wife named Amber Peek, who is well-known. Aside 보다 that, little is known about when the 2 tied the knot. The ar of the wedding is an in similar way unknown. There is also no evidence that the two have had actually children.

A experienced Life

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Tommy Thayer’s band, i beg your pardon he created with Jaime St. James and called Black’ n Blue, was formed in November 1981. They began by performing in Portland. Then, in the start of 1983, they walk to southern California. In Heat, Nasty Nasty, there is no Love, and Black’ N Blue are just a few of the band’s releases. The crew continued to be together till late 1988. Adhering to Black’ n Blue, Thayer collaborated v Jimmy Barnes on because that the Working course Man, the latter’s album. Jimmy Barnes to be the title of the record in markets exterior of Australia, and he participated in 2 sessions. Mick Fleetwood and Billy Burnette, together drummer and guitarist, respectively, to be also part of the show.

In 1989, Thayer and Gene Simmons started creating music together. Several of the song were used on Kiss’s hot in the shade album, consisting of The Street Taketh Away, The Street Giveth, and Betrayed. The was additionally Pat Regan’s and also Teresa Straley’s guitar track recorder in ~ the time. He was not originally a member that Kiss. Paul Stanley and also Gene Simmons, however, hired him to work on the Kisstory book. He’d clean the former’s gutters and repaint the latter’s home. He oversaw the band’s MTV Unplugged performance and also the 1995 worldwide Kiss Convention Tour. Warm in the Shade, Monster, Revenge, Sonic Boom, and Jigoku-Retsuden are some of his later Kiss collaborations. You wanted the Best, Psycho Circus, and also Carnival that Souls: The final Sessions are among the others. He’s additionally appeared in a variety of films, mainly as himself or for the soundtrack.


His exceptional musical career and his charity initiatives have paid handsomely. Together a result, he has been vested an honorary doctorate the humane letters by Pacific University. In October 2010, his vault band, Black’ n Blue, was inducted into the Oregon Music hall of Fame.

Some exciting Facts that Tommy Thayer

Tommy Thayer has served ~ above the woodland Grove board of Trustees because September 2005, representing Pacific University.From 2006 to 2007, the orchestrated a distribution of new musical tools to Oregon’s struggling college band programs.Together with Kiss, Thayer helped a needy family members purchase new instruments because that a home-based, non-profit music school.Hughes & Kettner donated every one of his income to the Children’s Hospital that Los Angeles.Tommy has remained in the head of the Oregon army Museum’s fundraising efforts.The museum will certainly be committed to his father’s contributions to the country.He is totally charitable, and as a result, he has received prayer from Pacific University.

Tommy Thayer is undeniably gifted as a musician and lyricist. For this reason far, he’s to be a member of two bands: Black’n Blue and Kiss. He likewise had guest appearances top top Loverboy’s Lovin’ Every Minute of It and Doro through Doro. He to be a co-writer ~ above the track Rock On, which to be released together a single. He likewise played acoustic, rhythm, and also lead guitars.

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Facts of Tommy Thayer

Real Name/Full NameThomas Cunningham Thayer
Nick Name/Celebrated Name:Tommy Thayer
Birth Place:Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Date of Birth/Birthday:7 November 1960
Age/How Old:60 year old
Height/How Tall:In Centimetres – 189 cmIn Feet and Inches – 6′ 2″
Weight:In Kilograms – 88 KgIn Pounds – 194 lbs
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black
Parents Name:Father – James ThayerMother – Patricia Thayer
School:Sunset High School
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse Name:Amber Peek
Kids/Children Name:N/A
Profession:Musician & songwriter
Net Worth:$12 million

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