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man F. Kennedy"s signature in a letter to southern Carolina Sen. Olin Johnston top top Aug. 20, 1963. A real Kennedy signature is precious $2,500, even if the letter says simply "happy birthday."

Courtesy Stuart Lutz Historic documents Inc.


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After president Obama"s resolve Tuesday evening, he worked his way out of the house chamber through a crowd of senators and representatives that wanted his autograph top top a copy that his speech. Also Republicans were questioning for it.

It"s happened before, however this was presidential celebrity on a new scale.

Some the those signature-seekers declared they were asking for it on instead of of someone else — and also it could even be worth something.

Stuart Lutz, an autograph dealer, tells dearteassociazione.org"s Michele Norris he"s viewed Obama"s signature and it"s "not the most legible thing in the world."

He states he"ll wait to guess the precious of the signed speeches from critical night, yet he claimed he expects to see them ~ above eBay in the coming days. Lutz says he"s viewed an Obama signature on a document go because that $500 and an Obama-signed baseball commanded much more than $1,500. Those space items he signed because his inauguration.

His signature is worth less if it was captured prior to he ended up being president.

this days, in terms of the modern-day presidents, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy command the highest prices. Reagan"s signature starts at $750 and a real Kennedy is worth $2,500, even if that says just "happy birthday." The contents of the letter can quickly elevate the price. Jimmy Carter"s and Gerald Ford"s signatures command the shortest prices.

But that have the right to change, Lutz says.

"Fifteen or twenty years ago girlfriend couldn"t offer away take care of Truman," that says. "Then ~ David McCullough created that exorbitant biography the him, anyone on the world wanted a good Harry Truman letter, for this reason his value escalated."

Right now, Obama"s signature averages in the high hundreds, while George W. Bush"s signature is less, follow to Lutz. Invoice Clinton"s signature, signed as soon as he to be president, is worth $500 and up. George H.W. Bush"s signature top top presidential letterhead is worth between $300 and $500.

When asked i m sorry president had actually the finest handwriting, Lutz says, "Hands down, George Washington, no doubt about it."