One that the usual questions we receive at is “how lot do pawn shops pay for PS3?”

If you desire to know exactly how much pawn shops pay because that PS3 (PlayStation 3), you need to have actually a few different pieces of info on hand.

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We’ll let you recognize what these room below, and we’ll likewise tell you just how much pawn shops pay for PS3 systems. If you desire to know just how to pawn a PS3 for the most money possible, fine tell friend that, together well.

You could be wondering how we know exactly how much pawn shops pay for PS3.

Well, at, we allow pawners to get offers from their neighborhood pawn shops for totally free online. Us have accessibility to the uses that are provided to pawners and also those who market their items to pawn shops.

After going with the 2020 PS3 pawn values, we were may be to put the typical pawn value of a PS3 mechanism for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about pawning a PS3 and also PS3 pawn shop prices.

How much do Pawn Shops Pay for PS3 Systems?

How lot do pawn shops pay because that PS3 systems? This relies on a couple of different factors.

The first is the model. Over there are various models of PS3 and if your is considered to be an ext desirable based upon its features, you might get much more money because that it. The 2nd factor is warehouse capacity. This go hand-in-hand through the model. However, the higher the storage capacity, the better. Discover your PS3 version using the number ~ above the behind or bottom of her system. That will start with “CECH.”

The problem of your system will impact how much a pawn shop payment for her PS3. If the showing indications of damage, you will acquire less money because that it. If the is in pristine condition, you will be much more likely to get top disagreement for that model.

Lastly, including the box and also all the contents will affect how lot you can acquire for a PS3. This contains the controllers, every cords and also if you litter in a few extra games. Those more, the box and also the manual will help, too!

If friend think that the next person the shop is walking to offer it to, the package will look more desirable ~ above the entirety the an ext the pawn shop includes in the next sale. Make the PS3 more “re- sellable” for the pawn shop and you are most likely to get a greater price for your console.

Average PS3 Pawn Shop value (2020)

The adhering to shows you just how much pawn shops pay for PS3 based upon minimum, maximum and also average cash offers given on

The typical PS3 pawn shop worth is $87.57, according to ours 2020 price data at The maximum market made ~ above a PS3 to be $250. Because offers to be made ~ above PS3’s that all species of conditions, warehouse capacities and also models, the prices in the data differed greatly.

This is why we very suggest putting your certain PS3 up because that bid in ~

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How to Pawn a PS3 for the most Money

Here’s exactly how to pawn a PS3 because that the most money possible. This is also the easiest and also quickest way!

Watch cash provides roll in from local pawn shopsCompare the PS3 supplies you receiveAccept the highest possible bid on your PS3 (no obligation!)Bring your game console right into the pawn shop that provided you the highest bidFinalize the transactionWalk out v cash in hand this particular day in exchange for offering the shop your old PS3

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