I newly plugged in my old NES to have actually a play, and also it acquired me thinking; exactly how much is a NES worth today?

No, the rhyme in that line wasn’t intentional, however I think we deserve to all agree that it was a punch of genius.

The NES housed few of the ideal titles indigenous the golden age of gaming. Metroid, supervisor Mario Bros, The Legend the Zelda; castle all obtainable to pat on Nintendo’s first-ever residence console machine!

You might have come to this retro powerhouse native the NES Mini, or possibly you’ve had a lifelong enthusiasm for Nintendo hardware. It’s an incredible bit of kit, and soon you’re walking to find out whether you’re sit on a tiny gold mine!

So, just how much is a NES worth this days?

I assumption: v there’s only one method to discover out!


How much is a NES Worth?

The NES as these days sells for $30 – $375 depending on the condition of the console itself and also if you have every one of the accessories, consisting of the original box, cables and also controllers.

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Look at the beauty! Yes, the initial NES can still it is in bought top top second-hand sites also in 2020, 35 years after it first appeared on shelves.

As with all of the finest 80s toys, the amount of money that you can end up paying for a NES is completely dependant on its condition.

If she looking come buy a bare console v no crate or games, then you have the right to easily uncover one for around the $30 mark. We freshly came throughout one that had actually been opened for testing but came complete with the original box, and also it was detailed at $299.

A sealed unit, however, newly sold for over $2,000! That’s more than my girlfriend’s automobile cost!


Hands increase if you never knew that one of these NES consoles existed?

The NES peak Loader no look as iconic in my opinion, yet it tho makes good money on second hand sites. It lugged a brand-new controller to the scene, ‘the dog bone’, i m sorry was an early version the the SNES controller.

Still, the old remotes work just fine, and also if you’re in the market for a NES through a difference, then you deserve to grab a used unit native $65.

Want a sealed slice of gaming history? you’re looking in ~ spending upwards of $949!

Used: $65 – $299

Refurbished: $169 – $450

Sealed: $949+

What Is The Difference in between The original NES & The NES top Loader


The main distinction is kind of in the title.

The original NES console featured a front-loading dare deck, vice versa, the top Loader features the same style of top-loading cart deck together the SNES and also the N64.

The top-loading dare deck had actually fewer breakdown issues 보다 the original front-loading design, yet there’s one thing that off these 2 consoles apart; snapshot quality.

The snapshot quality ~ above the original NES is much superior. It has an RCA composite video output, conversely, Nintendo want to cut expenses with the optimal Loader and also gave it an RF harbor instead.

The optimal Loader deserve to play games from all regions, however, therefore if you worth gameplay end graphics, climate this can be the one because that you.

How lot Is A limited Edition NES Worth?


I’ve been a small bit sneaky below as the Nintendo household Computer, otherwise known as the Famicom, no a limited edition console per say.

This is what the NES looked choose in Japan, before Nintendo’s huge rebrand. That a classic style now, and also as together is quiet sought after ~ by gaming purists and also collectors throughout the globe.

You deserve to pick up a Famicom unit for approximately $42, and a sealed copy with all of the original boxes, leaflets, and also bags will price you roughly $399.

Used: $42 – $159

Refurbished: $44 – $119

Sealed: $399+

How lot Is A NES classic Mini Worth?


Nintendo stop the NES classic in 2019, however there are still many of these systems on digital shelves.

Stocks instantly offered out when they very first came ~ above the scene earlier in 2016 and also prices shot with the roof. Now, you can pick one up there is no a crate for around $29.

Weirdly, few of the used units in boxes room going for an ext than the brand-new ones are, yet sometimes world just gain too excited in a bidding battle to care!

Used: $29 – $132

New: $99+

How much Is A NES Controller Worth?


It’s no real surprise that NES controllers aren’t worth that much these days. Contrasted to the best Nintendo switch controllers, that a bit straightforward and has actually very few features.

But the NES controller is a standard symbol of whole age that gaming. And also twinned with R.O.B and the other finest NES accessories, it i do not care a force to it is in reckoned with!

Plus, many thanks to companies such as 8BitDo, you have the right to now buy wireless controllers too!

Used: $3 – $12

Wireless: $20+

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