Skittles liquid was an initial produced in the United states in 1982. They space small, round, chewy, fruit flavored liquid that room covered with a hard candy shell and also have a white letter "s" printed on them. Lock are comparable in size and shape to M&Ms and also are likewise produced by Mars. This assortment of cones candy has actually five various fruit colors and also flavors including Strawberry (Red), Lemon (Yellow), Grape (Purple), green Apple (Green), and also Orange (Orange). Cones candy is gluten free and gelatin free. Looking for our Candy equipments that deserve to Vend SkittlesDon"t need in bulk? watch our 3 lb bag of SkittlesSkittles are often connected with rainbows because of their vivid colors and also Skittles slogan is "Taste the Rainbow!". There have actually been numerous television advertisement centering top top imaginative scene with world joyously receiving a bounty of cones candy rain from a rainbow in the sky. Our skittles candy is easily accessible in one of two people a 3lb bag, 20 lb case, or 40 lb mass case. Require a device to vend this fruity candies? Be certain to see our full line of candy vending machines. Don"t forget the vending label v nutrition truth for her machine!

Candy Specifications

Size: 3/8 customs approx.Case Count:Color(s): Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, OrangeFlavor(s): Strawberry, Lemon, Grape, environment-friendly Apple, OrangeWeight: 40.5 lbs.

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Made by Mars, these candies typically vend because that 25 cents in advertisement vending equipments that have an flexible candy dispensing wheel which controls the number of pieces the vend per quarter. Lock will also dispense in our liquid banks and dispensers. Liquid is finest stored in a cool, dry, short humidity location. Your shelf life have the right to be as much as 18 months if not exposed to too much hot or cold temperatures.

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Great price, best that I've found. Shipping was fast and also easy to track. To be expecting a crate of loose candy but got 6 huge retail bags instead. That wasn't a negative thing, just not what ns expected.

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Delivered as promised and also received in good condition.

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Don't waste her money top top Amazon and 3rd party sellers. Way much better deal here and fast shipping! say thanks to you!