Why room some old beer cans valuable? What old beer cans space worth money? Which kinds of beer cans do not have any value? Where have the right to I sell and how can I price mine beer cans? Where and how can I uncover beer have the right to dealers, buyers and also sellers? do old soda cans have any kind of value? Where can I find antique and also vintage beer deserve to prices? I found an old beer deserve to in a wall during residence renovation. Is the worth any kind of money? Where can I offer my beer can be ~ to the highest possible bidder? I have an old beer have the right to collection. Is it worth anything? I discovered some old cans through cones or spouts ~ above the tops, space they worth anything? I found some rusty cans. Carry out they have any value?

So, you found a bunch the old antique beer can be ~ or soda cans, and also you"re wondering if they might be worth money. Maybe you"re doing part demolition, renovation, to run duct work, contracting or home remodeling and also found some old beer cans inside a wall, in an attic, in a closet or in a to crawl space. Or possibly your grandfather functioned for one of the can companies such as metal Box, American Can, Continental deserve to or Crown Cork and Seal and brought residence cans off the canning line, test can be ~ or unrolled sheets (body blanks). It would be a great idea to check out this short write-up before throwing any type of of those cans away. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that countless old cans can be rather valuable. If you identify that friend have any kind of cans that value, please email me at jefflebo
aol.com to comment on selling or consigning her cans.

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What makes a beer can or a soda have the right to valuable? there are countless factors that come right into play once assessing values, however basically they deserve to be boiled down to supply, demand, condition and also design. Supply refers to the availability or number of cans i m sorry are well-known to exist. Obviously, rare cans, (small supply), room usually an ext valuable than much more common ones, (large supply). Common cans, such together Billy Beer, JR Ewing, World"s Fair, steel City Steelers, Harley Davidson and also MASH 4077 were from the heyday of beer deserve to collecting in the mid-1970"s come the mid-1980"s. Due to the fact that so many world saved this cans and also because the number of collectors has decreased since then, this cans are not an important to collectors today.


Tab peak cans choose these, from the 1970"s, 1980"s and newer have small or no value to collectors.

Generally, demand is much higher for level top cans, a container first marketed through American have the right to Company, which were developed from 1935 to around the mid-1960"s, and for cone height cans, which were available around the very same time. The an initial flat height cans are called OI (opening instructional), cans and were produced between 1935 and 1941. These species of can be ~ are highly sought-after by significant collectors. These can be ~ are an extremely heavy in construction and have level tops which forced the usage of a special opener, which to be hooked under the pickled in salt of the can. These cans were fairly a new in their day; civilization were no accustomed to drinking out of cans. For this reason, they had opening instructions which were published on the human body of the can (hence the name).

These 3 rare flat top cans (Budweiser Bock, Murray"s and Fort Pitt Ale) are all valued in ~ $1,000+ in class 1 to 1+ condition. Most flat tops space not virtually this rare or valuable. Most level tops in class 1 come 1+ condition will be valued at between $30 and also $250, depending on their rarity. However, there are countless exceptions come this rule of ignorance for really rare cans.

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One of the border of the flat top can, (in the eyes of the breweries), was the it compelled them to install brand-new (and really expensive) canning currently in their breweries, which plenty of of the smaller brewers can not afford. The cone optimal beer deserve to was very first marketed by continent Can agency to fill this niche. By creating a deserve to that opened up like a bottle, that was feasible for breweries to usage their present bottling lines come fill and also cap these cans. Rarely American cone tops and also flat tops usually command higher prices than non-US (foreign) can be ~ of same rarity. This is due to the fact that there are much more "serious" collectors of us cans 보다 there room of non-US cans. However, there does it seems to be ~ to it is in a renewal in international can collecting in recent years, causing steeply increase price trends, specifically for an extremely rare non-US cans.