The price that a cockatoo chin varies escape on types or even if it is you’re buying indigenous a breeder or a rescue.

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Most popular Cockatoo species will usually cost roughly $800 come $2,000. On the other hand, some rare types of Cockatoo price up come $15,000 prefer the black Palm Cockatoo.

The price varies depending on types or whether you’re buying indigenous a breeder or a rescue.

Buying from a rescue will usually be cheaper however it will most likely entail an ext vet costs. This is so because most rescues, by definition, have been dumped by owner that to be ill-prepared because that ownership and also the bird may have actually psychological worries that require much more vet treatment such as feather plucking.

Other Upfront Costs

Shipping Costs – If you’re not in the same city with the bird’s seller, you might be forced to pay for shipping the bird to your home.DNA Test – You’ll often see bird being sold without their sex being stated. This is since it take away a DNA check to determine their sex. If you want to understand a Cockatoo’s gender, you may be request to include around $40.Cage or Aviary – unless you plan to let her Cockatoo fly totally free around her home, you might want to buy a cage or one aviary. For part sellers, choose previous owners, they incorporate the cage through their offer. A common cage because that a Cockatoo is almost everywhere from $150 to $2,000 and must be big in size.

What rather to spend On?

If you’re planning come buy a cockatoo together a pet, there room a few factors the affect cockatoo price. As soon as you obtain to recognize these factors, girlfriend can quickly determine even if it is or no you have actually the spending plan of owning one and an ext importantly, avoid paying an ext than girlfriend should.

To provide you an idea, the average cockatoo bird price in the United says is around $500 to $16,000.

Along with the price of the bird, over there are also other prices you should recognize about, such as:

Shipping Costs – If you’re not in the very same city v the bird’s seller, you may be forced to pay because that shipping the bird to your home.DNA Test – You’ll frequently see birds being marketed without their sex being stated. This is due to the fact that it bring away a DNA test to identify their sex. If you desire to understand a cockatoo’s gender, you might be asked to add around $40.
Cage or Aviary – unless you setup to let your cockatoo fly complimentary around her home, you may want to buy a cage or an aviary. For some sellers, favor previous owners, they encompass the cage with their offer. Bird cages usually cost around $340 to $3,500.


What else to invest On

Owning Cockatoos is remarkable as they space fun, loyal, loud, and silly. It’s vital to be mindful of the prices for anything that may spring increase in the 60-80 year of their long lifespan.


Be prepared to invest a lot on toys and also enrichment. Some playthings you buy may be $15 and also only critical 2 days. Other toys will certainly be $30 to $80 and last a few weeks.

Toys are never permanent as cockatoos room highly-intelligent and also need to tear their playthings apart for brain stimulation. If no given enough toys, as formerly mentioned, it can become bored and also harm itself.


Birds, in general, are designed for flight, which means they desire as little weight together possible. Parrot’s digestive systems are effective so food will be consumed and excreted as rapid as possible.

Cockatoo’s key diet is composed of dry and fresh food. Your fresh foodstuffs are generally comprised of vegetables and fruits i beg your pardon you can buy in ~ your neighborhood market and also their dried food can be seeds or pellets come be offered at the very least one cup a day.

Cockatoos need a large parrot pellet diet ($30 to $80/bag depending on size) such as Mazuri Cockatoo Diet or Rowdybush huge Parrot Pellets. In enhancement to this, they require seeds ($30 for a tub of seed balls) i m sorry act together treats.


These cost approximately $5 come $20 relying on size and Cockatoos need a selection with various textures to protect against bumblefoot – an epidemic from having no selection of perching.

Cockatoos can and also will throw the end 30% to 80% the the food you offer them because that “fun” and also may no eat what they litter to the floor. Account because that this as soon as buying food by learning you will go through the bag faster because of this.

Hygiene Care

This is crucial for owning a Cockatoo. It’s encourage to go to a bird specialty keep or vet for talon trimming because over time, Cockatoos’ toes will grow and become too long; at some point being detrimental come them.

This varies greatly relying on location and whether you walk to a store or vet. Stores will commonly trim for much cheaper at $20 come $50, while vets have the right to max the end at $100.

Should you want to shot to perform this ~ above your very own to cut costs, it’s extremely important to be aware that cutting as well close come the rapid (tip that toe, blood flows with it), the parrot will certainly bleed. This have the right to be major as Cockatoos’ and birds’ circulatory systems are efficient and are produced flying, however they are very poor at clotting.

A severely cut quick, if left alone, deserve to actually bring about bleeding out. If no treated ideal away at a vet clinic ($200) for very severe cases, the bird deserve to die. If only slightly knicked and also bleeding, you can gently pat sawdust on that or a unique avian adhesive powder that you can order digital ($20). This will have to be excellent every couple of months or so.

Another trim your parrot will require is beak trims. These have to only be done by experts with a Dremel.

Parrot beaks constantly grow and Cockatoos, if no trimmed once needed, can suffer serious deformities and malnutrition as result of being can not to eat such together cracking seeds open up which requires a work beak. This will certainly cost in between $20 and $100 relying on where you go and also will not must be done also often.

How Vet treatment Can include Up?

Vet care is extremely necessary when owning a Cockatoo and also any exotic vet is expensive. A traditional check-up appointment can be anywhere from $50 come $150 depending upon the vet.

This includes a complete physical examination and a thorough testimonial of her pet’s real estate conditions, diet, and also care recommendations. If a difficulty arises during a visit, the doctor may require diagnostic test to more assess your bird’s health. This calls for additional costs together well.

It’s recommended to go for a traditional checkup every 6 months or annually.

If the issue is bone-related favor a broken wing, X-rays will certainly be taken and also the standard price is $85 per procedure. The vet will likewise do bloodwork to check for any kind of issues choose an infection which presents itself through elevated white blood cells. Blood occupational is generally priced at $200.

Should a Cockatoo require surgery, there will certainly be blood drawn ($200), X-rays ($85), anesthesia ($100), oxygen ($65/day), fecal test ($25+), recovery boarding ($200/day), and the surgical treatment itself ($200 to $2,000). That is extremely recommended to buy pets bird insurance allowance to minimize costs and also most plans will be $20/month.

If the problem is GI-related, fecal tests and blood occupational will it is in done. The prices room the very same as above.

A likely disease is Candidiasis or “sour crop”, and a chop wash will certainly be performed at $85 to $200. If confirmed, antifungal medication will certainly be prescribed which will be all over from $40 come $150 depending on the vet.

Other fungal infections favor Aspergillosis (a fungus we human beings breathe in every day yet can it is in deadly come birds) deserve to occur and the diagnosis/treatment expenses are greater due come its severity. Bloodwork will be required to confirm Asper and also the treatment is composed of a strictly regiment the antifungals via IV and nebulization, which cost $120 come $500.

Surgical/endoscopic debulking the the granulomas the obstruct the airways expenses anywhere from $500 come $2,000 depending on severity and vet. A topical steroid ($80) will likewise be prescribed.

The following boarding and recovery will certainly be priced similar to other surgery mentioned above.

Another typical vet difficulty is Bumblefoot caused by a cockatoo not having correct or change perching. This is conveniently prevented through a selection of perching. However should it spring up, the vet will certainly prescribe a object antibiotic that expenses $40.

Psittacosis is a zoonotic (can be given to humans) condition that is serious and also can cost an ext than simply a vet visit. It’s a serious disease in parrots choose Cockatoos and treatment can variety anywhere indigenous $500 to $5,000, through no certainty the your bird will survive.

As mentioned above, the is a zoonotic disease and you might experience symptoms similar to the flu and will require your very own treatment from the doctor. Fortunately, when Psittacosis is necessary to be conscious of, the is rare.

Most other illness Cockatoos can acquire will every be cure with similar antibiotic and/or antifungal routines with drugs such as Doxycycline or salt Benzoate the are approximately $50 come $80.

What affect the price of Cockatoo?

Obviously, the Cockatoo bird prices have actually a really wide range. So, to cut it under for you, let’s talk about the factors affecting a Cockatoo’s price.

The price of Cockatoos is determined by the complying with factors:

Species the the Cockatoo – There room 21 type of Cockatoos in the world however not every one of them space easily easily accessible for acquisition as few of them room critically listed as endangered.Age that the bird – the Cockatoo’s age is a big element because that its cost. Usually, a very young infant is cheaper than a young adult as baby Cockatoos require a most work as it grows. Once you acquisition it together a baby, you’re putting the job-related on yourself, saving the seller an important time. Also, due to the fact that babies are an ext vulnerable, you’re also taking the responsibilities and also risks. As the Cockatoo ages, its price additionally tends to walk lower.Type the seller – If the seller is a pets owner or a bird enthusiast there is no the focus on advertisement gains, the price is likely lower contrasted to a seller whose service is primarily on marketing birds. The course, this is due to the fact that professional Cockatoo sellers or breeders need to make a profit.
Existing problems about health or behavior – If you take place to find a an extremely low-cost Cockatoo, you must think twice. Sometimes, low prices deserve to indicate some problems with the bird’s health and wellness or behavior. However, this isn’t constantly the case. Just be cautious in purchase a bird with a really low price tag and also make sure to ask for a written health and wellness declaration as soon as you perform decide to buy one. Additionally visit the bird at the very least twice through its existing owner as you can far better see the different moods the the bird and find out if it has actually some troubles such as anxiety, aggression, or too much screaming.

Different varieties of Cockatoos

Here’s a malfunction of the types of Cockatoo birds because that sale and their particular prices:

Umbrella Cockatoos – also known as the good white-crested Cockatoo or white Cockatoo, umbrella Cockatoos are very popular bird pets as they are one of the friendliest and also most affectionate companion bird easily obtainable on today’s market. They space intelligent and they can be trained to execute tricks. They cost roughly $500 come $4,200.
Ducorps Corella Cockatoos – are small species the Cockatoo. Lock are usual as pets and also they love gift in houses. Normally, they are quiet and also docile yet can do a many noise when they feel choose it. When they get familiar with humans from a young age, castle become very affectionate towards them. Lock cost about $1,500.Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos – this are big types the white parrot. These beautiful bird are regularly in demand as companion birds. But, make sure you have the time to deal with their requirements as these birds room demanding pets. They need a committed owner and continuous obedience training indigenous a an extremely young age. They have the right to cost roughly $500 to $1,800.Eleonora Cockatoos – additionally known as tool sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Eleonora Cockatoos room friendly, social, and also affectionate. Furthermore, castle are normally curious and intelligent. There has even been a examine in 2009 wherein scientists discovered that these types of birds have the capability to synchronize their movements to a musical beat. Castle make incredibly loving pets once hand-fed. They’re marketed at about $1,100 to $3,000.
Triton Cockatoos – space magnificent parrots the measure about 18 inch in length. Over there are wonderful pets and also owning one is a lifelong commitment together they live very long. They are additionally animated bird which deserve to be teach to carry out tricks. Just a reminder, this birds require a solid cage with sufficient room as they deserve to be great escape artists. They cost from $1,200 to $3,000.Goffin’s Cockatoos – considered the smallest type of white Cockatoo, Goffin’s Cockatoos space intelligent and fun-loving birds that are well-known bird pets. Lock are less demanding and also less noisy contrasted to most of the other Cockatoo species. Plus, they have a good personality as well. They are sold for $700 to $3,000.Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos – are likewise known as Leadbeaters or Pink Cockatoos. They are medium-sized with a an extremely distinct yellow and also red tape in their crest. This birds need an owner that can provide meaningful interaction and also socialization due to the fact that if not, they end up being prone come having behavioral problems. They can expense anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000.
Little Corella Cockatoos – or additionally known together the bare-eyed Cockatoos, are less noisy and demanding species of Cockatoos. Lock are rather comedic v an affectionate personality. Together pets, these birds are terrific as they discover quickly and also are fully capable the performing tricks. They cost from $1,000 to $2,500.Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos – otherwise well-known as the yellow-crested Cockatoos, these are beautiful type of birds that have a shy and also docile demeanor. They space curious and are constantly on the lookout for brand-new activities. If kept in pairs, these birds remain satisfied on your own. They are marketed for $500 come $2,800.
Citron-Crested Cockatoos – these types of Cockatoos have actually orange crest rather of the usual yellow. They make as good pets since they’re friendly and also sociable v a curious nature. They’re likewise not together noisy as many Cockatoo species. However, these birds room classified as threatened so if she planning on purchase one, make sure they come through an official CITES (Convention on international Trade in Endangered varieties of Wild Flora and also Fauna) certificate. They can cost around $600 come $2,000.Palm Cockatoos – or black palm Cockatoos and also goliath Cockatoos, are vast smoky-gray or black parrots. Lock a popular pet almost everywhere the people even through the really expensive costs associated with owning one. They have an superior look v resourceful and smart personalities. Castle need constant interaction and also for castle to it is in at their friendliest behavior, you’ll need to train them native a young age. They’re offered from $12,500 come $15,000.
Galah Cockatoos or rose Breasted Cockatoos – these are among the easily available Cockatoos today. They space quite popular pets due to the fact that of your personality, abundance, and also overall features. Lock are very sociable, affectionate, and friendly, plus, lock live for a very long time. In fact, they live so long they often tend to outlive their owners. Lock come roughly for $1,000 to $3,000.

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