Purees or baby-led weaning. Organic versus non-organic. Pouches, jars and also subscription services. Once it pertains to baby food, there space a lot an ext decisions for parents to make than there supplied to be.

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While starting solids is a fun (and messy, so nothing say we didn’t warning you…) milestone in your baby’s an initial year, it likewise brings through it too many of choices and, for most parents, a ton the questions. Just when friend feel like you’ve obtained your breast- or bottle- feeding schedule down to a science, figuring out once your small one is prepared for infant food, just how to introduce solids and what baby food is ideal can litter a major wrench into things.

Time come bookmark this guide for answers to all of your burning infant food questions. Whether it’s your first rodeo or she looking to action up her baby food game for kiddo number two, we’re talk to 3 baby food experts around all things baby food: a pediatrician, the founder that a renowned website the teaches parents and also caregivers exactly how to present solids and also prevent picky eating and also a baby and also toddler cookbook author. We’re likewise sharing our finest baby food choose to conserve you time at the store.

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When must You start Baby Food?

By roughly six month of age, babies need solid food in addition to breast milk or formula because that growth and also nutrition, says Dr. Tracey Agnese, doctor in new York City and also founder the Taking treatment of Mom and Baby, a resource for brand-new parents. “Solids room usually started between four and also six months of age when the infant is developmentally ready. Your baby is most likely ready for solids as soon as they space able come sit up v support, have an excellent head and neck control, and show interest in her food when you’re eat (watches you eat, opens up mouth and leans forward as soon as food is offered),” she says.

If your baby spits out the food or refuses come eat it, they’re most likely not all set yet, therefore wait and shot again in a week, reassures Dr. Agnese.

How execute You begin Baby Food?

According come Dr. Agnese, it’s best to start giving solid food as soon as baby is awake and also alert, and ideally as soon as they’re not also hungry or also full.

“Have her baby sit up safely with support and offer food with a spoon. Try once every day in ~ first, and stop feeding once they’re showing indicators they’re done (leaning back, transforming away, spitting that out).”

What are the Best an initial Foods because that Babies?

Although infant cereals were traditionally among the very first recommended solid foods for babies (because the the bland taste and included iron), pediatricians now say it’s totally fine to start with cereal or jump ideal to vegetables, fruits, and also meats as an initial foods.

“I commonly recommend beginning with any single ingredient vegetables or fruit puree—avocado, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots or peas are all good choices. The AAP also recommends beginning with pureed meat, together it is a an excellent source that iron,” claims Dr. Agnese. Friend can include formula or chest milk to these an initial foods as soon as you’re starting out in bespeak to with a texture that’s good for your baby.

Foods to prevent in infants younger 보다 one year of period include:

Choking hazards (think round, hard objects choose nuts, popcorn and grapes); love husband (due come the danger of infant botulism); foods with included sugar or salt, such as juice (herbs and spices room great, though); and also Unmodified cow’s milk (but full fat yogurts and also cheeses space perfectly fine).

As for allergens, while pediatricians formerly recommended avoiding highly allergenic foods early on on, Dr. Agnese point out to brand-new research that shows early exposure in reality helps decrease the danger of food allergies. Things prefer eggs, fish, peanuts and also tree nuts might be presented to infants at 4 to 6 months, she says, as long as the choking hazards are addressed and you’ve currently made your way through some other solid foods items first.

What form of infant Food Is Best?

Figuring the end which baby food is ideal for you and for your little one comes down to a many factors, including things prefer ingredients, availability, taste and cost. Yet there are a couple of other things to save in psychic when picking a infant food, according to Dr. Agnese.

Read labels. try to pole to infant food wherein the ingredient are simply that—real food. (Water is it s okay too.) Herbs and also spices space great, but you’ll desire to avoid things like corn syrup, sugars and salt. Go BPA-free. choose baby food in BPA-free packaging whenever possible.

Toxic hefty Metals in baby Food

You’ve most likely heard around a 2021 congressional examination revealing the leading infant food manufacturers knowingly sold baby food that included high level of toxic heavy metals. While over there are aspects of these findings that are somewhat alarming, it’s vital to understand the full snapshot before you end up being overwhelmed through worry about what come feed your baby.

“Every couple of years a report comes out about toxins in baby foods,” states Dr. Agnese. “While I absolutely agree that it’s important to monitor such levels for the safety and security of our children, the details presented often causes a the majority of unnecessary fear for parents who room trying to do their best.”

The fact is that hefty metals are current in plenty of of the foodstuffs that both babies and also adults eat based just on how these foods items are grown.

“If your child is eating any food at all, they will be exposed to heavy metals and also toxins. That’s because the soil, water and air of the earth, where the food grows, includes these substances. That’s exactly how it gets into food. And kids need to eat food,” describes Dr. Agnese.

There’s no difference between organic versus non-organic foods items or store-bought baby food versus homemade.

“Organic foodstuffs may use much less pesticides, yet they room still grown v the same soil, water and environmental pollutants that the earth,” she says. “And the report only looked in ~ processed infant food; it no look in ~ unprocessed baby food at all. Homemade baby food or a carrot could have similar levels the metals.”

So those a parent to do?

Avoid offer your tiny one too lot rice cereal and rice-based snacks, states Dr. Agnese, and be sure to completely rinse rice front to cooking it. Keep an eye on certain varieties of fish that may have greater levels the mercury than others. And focus on variety.

“The bottom line is that children need to eat food. And variety is key. If you’re offer a range of fruits, veggies, proteins, fats and grains you’re act great! By serving a range of foodstuffs over time, you’re decreasing the exposure to contaminants of any kind of one food in particular,” she explains.

Jenny Best, founder of the infant feeding source Solid beginning website and also Instagram, agrees.

“For many foods, the nutritional advantage will outweigh the risk,” she says. “The biggest affect you have the right to make in reducing your baby’s exposure to hefty metals native food is to limit processed rice products like rice cereal and baby crackers. The bulk of these commodities are likewise unnecessary; babies don’t require rice grain to start solids nor carry out they need things prefer meltable crackers or puffs. Baby food as a separate category of food to be an invention. Babies can eat real food beginning around 6 months of age.”

While incorporating baby food right into your children diet is fine, she additionally reminds parental that several “adult” food is perfect fine—and even sometimes a far better choice—for feeding her baby.

“Babies don’t need “baby” applesauce; constant applesauce is fine! So space cooked apples!,” says Best, who likewise created the an initial Foods℠ database, the just food database in the civilization created simply for babies . “Babies also can eat constant yogurt, cheese, oatmeal, grains, and also meats similar to we can. Over there is no evidence-based research study demonstrating the need for baby food no one is there any type of evidence that babies developmentally require purées together their very first food.”

And don’t forget that the goal of beginning solids because that the very first six month is around the ability of discovering to eat—not consumption.

“What problem is acquiring ample possibility to practice the skills of eating. Babies don’t need an intricate superfood pouches; they should practice hold a banana by themselves, to learn how to take it a bite, to move that piece approximately in their mouth, chew, and to swallow. So reduced open one avocado and also peel a banana and call it dinner. The kids will be alright.”

Tackling Babies & stroller, stick Eating

And what about trying to avoid the dreaded stroller, stick eater?

“I wish there were a magic answer on how to guarantee increasing a healthy and balanced kid who loves to eat a wide selection of foods,” states Molly Birnbaum, America’s test Kitchen kids Editor in Chief and author that The complete Baby and also Toddler Cookbook. Back it relies on so plenty of factors, there are absolutely a couple of things you can do to collection the stage, even if it is you’re making your own food at house or making use of store-bought baby food.

Cook and eat together. “Cooking and also eating together enables you to model healthy and balanced eating—but much more importantly it permits you to show your kid(s) the eating a range of healthy foodstuffs is fun!” she says. Eat a selection of foods.

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“Introducing kids at a young age to a range of flavors, textures and also colors will help collection the phase for much more adventurous eating down the line. If she feeding a infant purees, it’s a an excellent idea to add different spices or herbs or various other flavorings. Because that toddlers, ns love to market the element of choice in meals.” Eat foods items that taste good. Simple, but an important reminder!

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