Body measurements


170 centimeter (5 ft 6.9 in)


45 kg (99 lb)

Chest size

76 centimeter (30 in)

Waist size

51 centimeter (20 in)

Hips size

71 cm (28 in)

Shoe size

6 US


Date that birth

October 31, 2000



Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color



Who is willow Smith?


Willow Smith, a product of one of Hollywood’s super couple, is a young singer, dancer and actress. In fact, one can say pasture was born talented.

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Early Accomplishments

In 2010, she gained signed on to Jay-Z’s record label and just 4 days prior to she rotate 10, she released Whip mine Hair which was an pure smash hit. 

This come after making a Hollywood debut in a movie through her father in 2007. 

She, like her brother, to be a youth ambassador because that the charity project Zambi.

Best known For

She had her very first movie experience featuring in ns Am Legend in 2007 earning accolades for she performance. Her very first song Whip my Hair definitely put her in the limelight, walk platinum and also reaching 2 and also 11 top top UK and US charts respectively. 

She additionally won an award for her role in Kit Kittredge: one American Girl in 2008.

Sexual Orientation

Willow is straight. In 2014, she to be rumored come be date Moises Arias after ~ he was pictured do not wear shirts in bed through Willow. She has however been date rapper Tyler Cole since 2017.


She is the littler of the 2 youngsters of Will and also Jada Pinkett-Smith. Her brother is Jaden and she also has an elder half-brother, Trey Smith that is likewise not only an actor however a DJ.


Regardless of she parents’ Christian background, willow is very open-minded about religion and also seem to monitor in her brother Jaden’s footsteps.

Worth come Know

She auditioned for the role of will certainly Smith’s daughter in i Am Legend also though she can land the role with she father’s influence.

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While her mom voiced Gloria the hippo in Madagascar, she voiced infant Gloria in the second instalment the the movie in 2008.
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