Employment of pharmacy technicians is projected to increase by 7% over the next two decades, faster ... <+> than the average for all tasks.

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The career of a pharmacy technician is one that’s pretty important to running a pharmacy smoothly. Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists dispense prescription medication to customers or health and wellness experts. Employment numbers have been raising and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of pharmacy technicians is projected to rise faster than average, with around 31,500 pharmacy technician tasks being added from 2018 to 2028, an increase of 7%.

Using work information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we"ve analyzed and also compiled a round-up of the average pharmacy technician salary by state in the UNITED STATE Read on for a full breakdown of wright here pharmacy technicians make the the majority of money, and also where they"re making the least.

10 States Wbelow Pharmacy Technicians Earn the Many Money

The national average yearly wage of an pharmacy technician is $34,020, according to the BLS, which is over $15,000 less than average yearly salary for all occupations, $51,960. The average pharmacy technician salary have the right to differ considerably relying on the state. In the best-paying state for pharmacy technicians, the average salary is about $10,000 even more than the nationwide average for all pharmacy technicians.

Below is a list of the top-10 highest-paying says for pharmacy technicians.

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Alaska average pharmacy technician salary: $43,150 The golden state average pharmacy technician salary: $42,610 Washington average pharmacy technician salary: $42,470 Oregon average pharmacy technician salary: $40,920 North Dakota average pharmacy technician salary: $39,770 Hawaii average pharmacy technician salary: $38,720 Minnesota average pharmacy technician salary: $37,670 Nevada average pharmacy technician salary: $37,620 Wyoming average pharmacy technician salary: $37,460 Rhode Island average pharmacy technician salary: $37,410

No. 7 Minnesota has actually viewed a dramatic increase in the average salary for pharmacy technicians over the years. From an average salary of $31,830 in 2013, pharmacy technician salaries have boosted by over 18%, reaching $37,670 in 2018. No. 4 Oregon has watched healthy and balanced expansion in wperiods too, with pharmacy technician salaries increasing by practically 16% over the last five years.