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Processes member purchases by operation a cash registers and related hardware; and also using proper procedures for various payment varieties and items sold.Maintains goods presentation in the pharmacy through stocking and also rotating merchandise and also supplies obtained from distribution centers and suppliers; remove damaged or out-of-date goods; setting up, cleaning, and also organizing product displays; signing and pricing merchandise; and also securing fragile and high-shrink merchandise.Maintains the Pharmacy area in accordance with company policies and procedures by properly handling claims and also returns; utilizing devices to execute a selection of merchandising features (for example, pricing merchandise, producing signs, verifying merchandise on-hands); arranging and also organizing merchandise and supplies; identify shrink and damages; ensuring a safe work environment; completing and also retaining forced paperwork, logs, and also other documentation.Monitors and resolves problems in the prescription fulfillment process when necessary by processing details for third-party insurance claims; rescanning illegible images; alerting patient to inventory that is the end of stock, partial fills, and the need for doctor authorizations on refills; and also identifying situations requiring pharmacist"s action.Promotes and maintains the Pharmacy"s expert reputation and provides patients/members v pharmacy products and services in accordance v local, state, and also federal laws and corporate policies and procedures by assisting the pharmacist in the prescription fulfillment process; processing third party insurance insurance claims and/or rejections; assisting patients/members through prescription orders and also purchases; and completing, maintaining, and securing paperwork, forms, and also other forced documentation.Provides patient/member business in the Pharmacy area through acknowledging the member; identifying member needs; initiating the prescription fulfillment process at the pharmacy drop-off window; creating prescription orders; cultivating products and also services; fixing member issues and also concerns; assisting with acquisition decesions; locating over the respond to merchandise; and maintaining a safe shopping environment.Enters prescription data into pharmacy software application by analysis the prescription; translating prescription info into equivalent system codes; transcribing ideal prescription data (for example, written date, drug name, strength, direction for use (sig), refills, name of prescribing physician, and also prescriber DEA number); and also creating or editing and enhancing patient/member records.Fills prescriptions through retrieving prescription orders; counting, pouring, measure up or weighing medication tablets, liquids, and also creams; mixing or reconstituting medications as needed; selecting, filling, and labeling prescription containers; and also operating scanning devices and/or automatic dispensing equipment to ensure prescription accuracy.Provides member assistance throughout prescription pick-up by verifying and entering patience information, follow to corporate policies and procedures, into the TaSCO system; marking appropriate prescriptions because that pick-up; retrieving prescription bag indigenous will call bin; scanning protection tags; gathering electronic signatures for the health and wellness Insurance Portability and also Accountability act (HIPAA) acknowledgment and 3rd party payor, if applicable; and also using TaSCO to log in the revenue of restricted pharmaceutical items. Completes work-related assignments and also priorities by utilizing policies, data, and resources; collaborating v managers, co-workers, customers, and also other company partners; identify priorities, deadlines, and expectations; moving out tasks; interacting progress and also information; determining and also recommending means to deal with improvement opportunities; and adapting to and also learning native change, difficulties, and feedback. Complies with agency policies, procedures, and standards the ethics and integrity through implementing related activity plans; making use of the open up Door Policy; and also applying this in executing business processes and practices.

At Sam"s Club, we sell competitive pay and also performance-based motivation awards and other great benefits because that a more joy mind, body, and also wallet. Health and wellness benefits incorporate medical, vision, and also dental coverage. Gaue won benefits incorporate 401(k), share purchase and company-paid life insurance. Paid time turn off benefits incorporate PTO (including sick leave), parental leave, family treatment leave, bereavement, jury duty, and voting. Other benefits include short-term and long-term disability, education assistance v college degrees for $1 a day, company discounts, military company pay, fostering expense reimbursement, and more.

Eligibility requirements use to some benefits and also may count on your project classification and also length that employment. Benefits space subject to adjust and might be subject to a specific plan or regimen terms. Because that information about benefits and eligibility, watch One.dearteassociazione.org.com/Health.

The hourly wage selection for this place is $15 to $21.88* USD Hourly

*The yes, really hourly price will equal or exceed the forced minimum fairy applicable to the project location.

Additional compensation includes yearly or quarterly power incentives.

Additional compensation in the kind of premiums may be payment in amounts ranging native $0.35 every hour come $3.00 every hour in details circumstances. Premiums may be based on schedule, facility, season, or certain work performed. Lot of premiums may apply if applicable criteria space met.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined listed below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Minimum Qualifications: Meets every state demands to work as a Pharmacy Technician, such as minimum age, qualification, registration, certification, and/or licensure when required by the State board of Pharmacy. Must acquire National Pharmacy Technician Certification approve by PTCB (PTCE) or NHA (ExCPT) within 9 months of job entry.

Preferred Qualifications...

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Outlined listed below are the optional desired qualifications because that this position. If none space listed, there room no preferred qualifications.

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407 N BRENTWOOD, LUFKIN, TX 75904-7126, United states of America