Sailor Jerry Rum was founded by Norman Keith Collins, additionally affectionately recognized as seafarer Jerry. Collins was a renowned tattoo artists with a taste for sailor tattoos. He served with the United states Navy once he rotate nineteen, travelling all around Southeast Asia -where he picked up many cultural motifs to usage in his tattooing career. Sailor Jerry to be so prominent that he would certainly later have actually a rum and merchandise chain named after him in his honor.

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For those who space looking to familiarize themselves v rum for the very first time, it’s vital to keep in mind that there room three different species of rum available on the market. Yes sir white rum, dark rum, and spiced rum (which is typically additionally dark).

White rum is often unaged and recently distilled, while dark rum has been left come soak up the flavor and also color the the casks in i beg your pardon they’re stored. The larger the rum, the darker the soul will be. Spiced rum likewise has to be left to age for a certain duration of time, however has secondary kick to it thanks to included spices.

Sailor Jerry rum is distilled and also produced in the us Virgin Islands. Having actually been motivated by plenty of Carribean rums, sailor Jerry rum has included a combination of seasonings originating from that an ar to blee that unique flavor. Overseas, particularly in the UK, the formula for sailor Jerry rum has actually been modified to administer a sweeter taste come appeal come a larger audience.

In regards to price, Bacardi rum and also Sailor Jerry rum are very comparable. The just difference between the 2 brands is the Bacardi offers a wider selection the flavors, whereas seafarer Jerry just produces spiced rum. A 1L party of Bacardi superior averages in between $16.99-$19.99 at many stores.

Captain Morgan is another brand that rum the produces and also sells spiced rum. Once it concerns price, Captain Morgan have the right to be bought for slightly cheaper than seafarer Jerry rum. A 750ml party of Captain Morgan’s initial Spiced Rum averages in between $12.99-14.99. As soon as comparing the two brands together a whole, it’s crucial to note that Captain morgan supplies a much broader range the products and also different seasonings of rum, including watermelon, apple, coconut, and also even pineapple flavored rum.

Malibu rum prices on average tend to be a tiny cheaper or ~ above par with seafarer Jerry rum. A 1L party of Malibu Coconut rum is typically priced approximately $19.99-$22.99. Unlike seafarer Jerry, however, Malibu is much an ext adventurous v their flavors. They sell a wide choice of rums infused v fruits prefer lime, pineapple, passionfruit, and banana. If you or a friend is trying to present themselves come rum, keep in mind that smell is more than likely going to be a large deciding factor, together there is little variation in price.

Just prefer Sailor Jerry, Kraken is a brand of rum that sells only one kind of rum. In the instance of Kraken, this would be dark spiced rum. Top top average, a bottle of Kraken is slightly much more expensive than sailor Jerry rum. A 1.75L party of Kraken black color Spiced Rum typically costs between $26.99-$29.99. If you’re looking for a rum that isn’t also rich and too spicy, yet are still in search of that extra flavor, seafarer Jerry might be a far better option because that you.


If you’re in search of a classy drink that will leave your tongue tingling and warm, consider trying a ginger daiquiri. Consists of only three ingredients, girlfriend can pick to have actually this drink chilled or enjoy it in ~ room temperature. To make a ginger daiquiri, first pour all three ingredients right into a mixing glass. If you favor to have actually your drink cold, you deserve to also advertisement some ice. Be sure to shake very well to blend the ingredients together. Strain right into a cocktail glass and enjoy!


Enter her Simple, elegant, and bound come quench your thirst. The Old Fashioned is a staple cocktail that’s ideal for all species of events. Even if it is you’re in ~ a dinner party, enjoy it a night at a club, or simply searching for a refresh drink, this may be a an excellent cocktail for you. In a mix glass, litter in every one of the ingredients and shake really well. Make sure that the sugar cubes are fully dissolved come avoid any kind of clumps. Once mixed, stress, overload the mixture right into a glass and also garnish through a lemon peel curl.


Adding a little bit of rum to a punch key is the perfect way to add a little much more zing right into your refreshments. This mix is additionally a an excellent way to cool under in also the hottest summer days. Merely prepare a key of fruit punch together instructed by the label. Add one ounce of sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, add as much ice together you’d prefer, and throw in number of lemon wheel to provide the totality bowl a put-together look! just make sure that any kind of underaged guests nothing confuse the Rum beat with continual fruit punch!

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