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NFL players that make the agree Bowl get a week’s vacation in Orlando, however they also get a bit of extra money together an added bonus. The pro Bowl money because that each player is a difference of $35,000 depending on the winning and losing team. Players on the winning team make $70,000, if the losing team knife $35,000, every ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The full Pro bowl purse is $4 million, every ESPN.

“Under terms of the cumulative Bargaining Agreement, each player on today’s winning pro Bowl team obtain $70,000, while each player ~ above the shedding team it s okay $35,000. Pro Bowl kicks off at 3 pm on ABC and also ESPN,” Schefter tweeted.

It is a pretty bonus for agree Bowl players to include to their salary. The minimum NFL salary is $480,000, but the majority of agree Bowlers room making much much more than the minimum amount of money, every CNBC. The mean NFL value is $2.91 million, every Statista.

The pro Bowl is the NFL’s version of one all-star video game featuring the top players across the league. The only exemption is the the two Super bowl teams, Chiefs and 49ers, will not have any players in the agree Bowl together both squads prepare for the championship matchup. After trying out with a fantasy draft, the pro Bowl is back to its timeless format of the rosters being separation up by the AFC and NFC conferences.

The Ravens bound an NFL document With 13 pro Bowl Players

The Ravens have the many Pro key players this year with 13 and tied one NFL document for the most guys from one team as well. Lamar Jackson is the favorite to victory the NFL MVP award and also headlines the all-star contest. Ravens head coach john Harbaugh to trust Jackson still has not played his ideal football.

“The things that he demands to work on, like any young quarterback, he’ll say ‘Everything.’ and it’s true,” Harbaugh told sporting activities Illustrated. “And then you prioritize, what’s the order? What’s the setup going to be moving forward to occupational on those things? and also he’s yes, really smart about that. He’s yes, really self-critical. He yes, really understands where he requirements to enhance in order for us to save making measures as an offense. It’s really interesting to look at Lamar Jackson, because look in ~ the development he do in the last year.”

Russell Wilson Headlines the NFC Roster

Russell Wilson will certainly be top the NFC on the the opposite side. Wilson told ESPN that he offered up his beginning spot to drew Brees in what could be possibly his last pro Bowl. The Seahawks quarterback is hoping following season he will be playing again in the at sight Bowl but is enjoyment to be making another Pro key appearance.

“To walk to 2 Super Bowls, to win one. We’ve gained to catch that throughout the whole whole season going into next year,” Wilson noted, every “We’ve acquired to discover ways to get better. We’ve acquired to discover ways to acquire past just the first or second round the playoffs and get to the final push. That’s the reality. I know that’s why ns play the game. I recognize that’s why a lot of of males in this locker room shot to play because that that and everything else. So we’ve gained to get better and us will shot to do every little thing we deserve to to number that out. It to be a really great season. Would certainly I say it was a an excellent season? No.

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I would say it was a really great one. We acquired a lot much more to do and also a lot more things we want to emphasis on.”