You might be reasoning about starting a tow van business. Maybe you’ve to be thinking about it for a while now, yet you’ve obtained this question on your mind: how much do tow van cost? That’s a great question. The expense of a tow truck counts on the options that you pick for your truck. Most towing devices is customized to suit the needs and convenience of the end user, and the selections that you make affect the tow van cost. Depending on the choices you choose, the cost of a common tow truck have the right to be anywhere between $58,000 and $850,000.

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Anyways, that’s our disclaimer. Below we have actually some usual pricing because that different species of tow trucks.

How much does a new tow van cost?

Like we claimed above, tow truck and wrecker prices can differ greatly. In the perform below, we’ve obtained pricing for various classes that tow van so that you can acquire an idea of the difference in price in between a light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty tow truck.

Class 4 (14,001-16,000 GVWR) and also Class 5 (16,001 – 19,500 GVWR):

Examples: lamb 4500 (Class 4) and Ford F-550 (Class 5)

Light duty wheel lift through the human body painted come match: $58,900 – $ 72,500 (Gas/Diesel)Light duty 2-car carrier v a 19’ truck bed: $61,900 – $ 72,500 (Gas/Diesel)Class 6 (19,501 – 26,000 GVWR) and also Class 7 (26,001 – 33,000 GVWR):

Examples: Ford F-650 (Class 6) and Ford F-750 (Class 7)

Medium 2-car carrier v a 21’ van bed, standard removable rails: $80,000 – $103,500 (depending ~ above chassis)Medium wrecker, 12-ton – 20-ton through the body painted to match: $99,995 – $250,000 (cost relies on what kind of chassis the tow van has)Class 8 (33,001-150,000 GVWR):

Example: Tractor trailer

Heavy typical wrecker, 25-ton – 100-ton v the body painted come match: $250,000 – $650,000Rotator ultra-heavy-duty wrecker, 35-ton – 75-ton $499,000 – $850,000+

These values are priced together the dealer specified and ordered the truck, not as the finish user bespeak it. The price reflects a tow truck with a constant cab chassis and also factory appointments. The price also reflects standard tools painted a solitary color come match. The pricing does not encompass extra accessories or bells and also whistles. One more thing to store in psychic is that the chassis price deserve to vary based upon the manufacture and the specifications.

How lot does a used tow truck cost?

Great question! The prices over are for brand-new tow trucks. The is possible to save money purchase a used tow truck, but that depends on a many factors. You have to take into consideration depreciation – the second you to buy a used tow truck, the worth goes down (although the same is true of a new tow truck.) climate there’s the top quality of the tow truck to consider, an interpretation how fine it has been maintained. If the tires and also brakes room in great shape, the interior has actually been looked after, yes sir no broken or cracked glass, the lighting and also bed hydraulic mechanism work, and there space no big dents, you’ll most likely see a kind return top top the investment in the used tow truck. And at the same time, you’ll save money. But again, that all depends on the used tow van you’re feather at.


What type of tow truck execute I need?

Of course, the kind of wrecker you’re acquiring greatly influences exactly how much that tow truck will cost. And also the form of tow truck you need reflects what you’re going come be using it because that – the more heavier the tons you’re walking to it is in hauling, the more heavier a van you’re going come need. It’s vital to obtain a auto that suits her needs and also that deserve to handle the load you desire to tow through ease.

You may have noticed the “GVWR” in the explanation above, and also that represents Gross car Weight Rating, or the maximum for sure weight the the vehicle. That has the car itself, the load of the occupants, the fuel, and also the load. (There are various classes that vehicles based upon their GVWR, which you can also see reflected in the prices above.) The heavier the lots you desire to tow, the an ext truck you’re going to need.

Things to think about when buying her tow truck:

Okay, we understand you’ve acquired a lot of on your mind if she trying to buy a tow truck. However, there are a couple of things you need to keep in psychic while you shopping for the perfect vehicle.

Weight that the tow van What you need the truck to have the ability to doWhat features you may need to add to her tow truckTowing capacity of the vehicle and GVWRAge of the tow van (if you buying used)Mileage (if she buying used)Insurance (which we talk about in more detail below)

What kind of tow truck perform you need?

Each class of tow van is geared towards certain jobs. They have the right to haul different species of vehicle. Here’s a basic idea that what you deserve to haul through each that the classes of tow trucks seen above:

Class 4: Small, mid-size autos and trucksClass 5: Small, mid-size, full-size autos and also trucksClass 6: very same as 4-5 plus most vehicles up to 19,500 GVWR (including little to tool box trucks, campers and solitary axle tractors)Class 7: exact same as 4, 5, and also 6, to add air-brake type trucks (including single-axle tractors with trailer, larger motorhomes, and small to mid-size equipment)Class 8: same as 6 and also 7 plus pretty lot anything else (Landoll with hefty equipment, heavy-duty wreckers and Ultra hefty Rotator because that recoveries and towing)

Safety first – A word around GVWRs and exceeding the weight limit

A Tow Times short article from may 2017 points out that security is the primary problem with overloading a tow truck and exceeding that is rating. It’s unsafe come overload her truck and also go over the GVWR. Overloading the car will do it tough to control and also stop. Of course, those are evident hazards to both the tow van driver and also those that they’re share the roads with. Plus, if you overload your tow truck, you reason the vehicle to start to age and also wear before it should. You’ll end up having to pay much more money to settle your truck and keep it alive because it’ll it is in worn out. And, that course, friend don’t desire to acquire pulled end while you’re overloaded. Not good.

When considering exactly how much a tow truck costs, it can be tempting come go through a lighter vehicle that costs less. However, together we just pointed out, it’s vital to acquire advice native a experienced who functions in towing and recovery sales to help you number out what kind of van you need and also what will work finest for you. Lock can help you discover a auto with the chassis girlfriend need.

Where have the right to I go to find tow trucks?

There room a few resources friend can try to discover some tow trucks because that sale.

And then there’s tow truck insurance.

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And when you’re all set to buy her shiny new vehicle, you’re walking to need some tow truck insurance. It’s highly possible that you’re a tiny bit concerned about how lot tow truck insurance costs, and also that’s completely understandable – tow truck insurance rates have been rising lately. But we’re tow truck insurance experts, and also our score is to conserve towing and also wrecker enterprise money on your insurance by help them shop roughly for the ideal coverage in ~ the ideal rate. To obtain tow truck insurance quotes, all you have to do is fill the end our quote form or give us a call today.