G. Hannelius rapid Info
Height5 ft 3½ in
Weight48 kg
Date of BirthDecember 22, 1998
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Eye ColorDark Brown

Born Name

Genevieve article Hannelius

Nick Name

G. Hannelius, G., Amy Little

G. Hannelius at the premiere the Disney’s Muppets many Wanted in ~ The El Capitan Theatre in march 2014.

G. Hannelius favorite Things

Store – J. CrewNail polishing Brand – SpaRitualNail Polish – Vegan nail Polishes

Source – Seventeen.com

G. Hannelius Facts

She also does pond art videos on she YouTube channel.

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G is one avid fan of pond art.Hannelius was born in Boston and also shifted to southern Maine at the period of 3.She began acting at the age of 10.G is an pet lover. She has several pet at house – a cat, Sammy, a dog, Shumai, and also a hamster, Minnie.She expresses her personal style together “classic but fun.”Regarding style and also fashion, her mother is her biggest inspiration.Her last surname is pronounced together “ha-NEE-lee-us”, not “ha-NEH-lee-us.”Hannelius supports the charity “Window between Worlds” which works to stop residential violence.