Cam Newton hosted an additional charity occadearteassociazione.orgon in Charlotte this week, and one prevent on the “Santa Cam‘s surprise Sleigh” tour turned into a load room workout with comedian Kevin Hart.

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Cam Newton hosted one more charity event in Charlotte this week, and also one stop on the “Santa Cam‘s surprised Sleigh” tourism turned right into a load room workout with comedian Kevin Hart, ~ the Panthers quarterback doubted comedian‘s strength, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Hart and also rapper-turned-actor ice cream Cube met Newton at Harding college High, wherein they handed out Under armor gear and then gained Hart to step up to view how numerous bench press reps he might do at 225 pounds. The diminutive star did not disappoint.

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Thanks to the asdearteassociazione.orgstance of a chanting crowd, Hart it s okay the load up three times. Newton does not take a rotate on the load rack, yet it is safe to i think the 6'5", 245-pound MVP candidate can probably pump quite a little bit of iron.

The Observer reportsother stops on Newton‘s charity spree contained handing out gift cards to teachers, and making a surprise avoid at a conference of a Panthers pan club.

– Brendan Maloy

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