Once a baby begins to eat solids (“solids” describes baby food and cereal, no actual table food) the expense of food can start to impact your monthly grocery store bill.

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Usually, this take away place in between four to 6 months old, and also babies will start eating basic rice cereal and also then will development to a mix of infant food and cereal; eventually, they will be able to eat all baby food and also will no much longer need formula or cereal. This shift usually takes ar when lock are in between 12 to 15 month old. Describe our chart below to check out what your baby have the right to eat at their age.

“Carrot baby food” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Ross Catrow

How much is the expense of baby food?

On average, infant food is walking to expense the average family all over from $45 to as lot as $115 every month as soon as using hard foods.

A box of Gerber infant Cereal , for example, will cost around $3 for a 16-ounce box. This box can last as much as a month in ~ first, yet it will slowly only last around once every week as your kid grows.

Gerber baby food, such together pureed bananas, apples, green beans, peas, etc., typically come in two-packs and will cost between $1-$1.50 every pack. Children 6 months – 12 months will commonly consume 2-4 containers of baby food per day. (An instance would it is in a fruit because that breakfast, a vegetables for lunch, and also one of each at dinner.) through this in mind, you will spend in between $37.50-$75 per month on baby food.

Companies, such as Gerber, make many kinds of healthy and balanced snacks because that babies such together fruit puffs or fruit melts. These help the infant learn just how to consume heavy food in your mouths there is no choking. Snacks prefer these can cost $2-$4 and also will last about a week or two.

For the first year, baby formula deserve to run everywhere from $45 to $100 every month depending upon the brand that is purchased. See: “How much does baby formula cost?” There space two varieties of formula: powder and liquid.

Mint.com broke down the expenses of to buy it at the store and making the food on her own. Store-bought organic food would certainly cost about $0.69 per serving if making it organically can cost $0.38.

BrandPrice Range
Beech-Nut Organic infant Food$1.50 every jar
Ellas Kitchen baby Food$1.50 to $2 every pouch
Gerber infant Food$1 come $1.50 every jar
Goya infant Food$1 per 4-ounce jar
Heinz infant Food$4 to $6 every packet
Holle baby Food$10 come $14 because that 250g
Nestle infant Food$4 to $6 every 14 ounces
Sprout Organic infant Food$10 every 5 pack

Common baby food flavors

Apple and banana

Apple and also blueberry

Apple and cherry

Apple and chicken

Apple, pear and also banana



Banana and mixed berry

Banana and also strawberry


Beef and also beef broth

Chicken and chicken broth

Chicken rice

Chicken, vegetables and also stars

Corn and sweet potato

Green beans

Macaroni and also beef


Mixed vegetables

Oatmeal, pear and cinnamon


Pear and blueberry

Pear and pineapple

Pear and also raspberry



Seet carrots

Sweet corn

Sweet peas

Sweet potatoes

Turkey and turkey broth

Turkey rice dinner

What room the extra costs?

If you select to buy just organic food, arrangement on spending in between $20 and also $40 extra per month. One jug of organic baby food can expense upwards of $1 to $2 every jar.

Some babies need specific types of foodstuffs as a result of allergies. Soy products, because that example, can be rather a bit an ext expensive.

If you want to make your very own baby food, there room baby food devices on the industry that price anywhere indigenous $60 come $150+.

Introducing solid foods items to infant chart


How deserve to I conserve money?

Almost all stores, such together Meijer, have actually their infant food on sale every few weeks. The is best to share up on baby food when it is at its cheapest. This can save you around $10 per month.

Some people choose to do their own baby food by pureeing new fruits and also vegetables. This may be less expensive, but it is also much an ext work. The storing and preserving that the food is the hardest part.

Consider buying keep brand baby food quite than the name brand. Be certain to to compare the ingredients together you’ll discover that countless of the keep brands are extremely comparable.

A usual question digital is: Can girlfriend buy infant formula v food stamps? The prize is yes. SNAP permits you to buy formula, cereals, juice and baby food.

Look for infant food coupons. These coupons can be discovered in the neighborhood newspaper or via a simple search online.

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