If friend don’t recognize what her Ford F250 weighs, then you have the right to never it is in 100% particular on how much you can load or haul with it. That’s where curb weight measurements come in, as they tell girlfriend what the weight of the truck is once it’s idle.Below you deserve to see a brief answer to the question “how lot does a F250 weigh” where I have put an median figure. More down you have the right to see specific model examples.

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The median weight the a Ford F250 is 6586 pounds (curb weight). How much your particular F250 weighs will rely on year that manufacture, cab style, length, and whether it’s 4 or two-wheel drive. Curb weights that Ford F250 trucks differs from version to model. So that’s the median Ford F250 weight, but how did I obtain to this figure and why walk I use curb weight? 

Ford F250 curb weight examples

There space so countless different models and also specs, that I determined to go ago as far as 2008, and also cherry choose a couple of of the most well-known models. That offered me 27 examples of Ford F250 weights – every one of which you have the right to see below.2008 F250 Lariat 4DR Crew Cab 4WD LB – 6,618 pounds2008 F250 XLT 4DR Crew Cab 4WD LB – 6,618 pounds2008 F250 XLT 4DR SuperCab 4WD LB – 6,458 pounds2009 F250 SRW supervisor Duty regular Cab 4WD – 6,976 pounds2009 F250 SRW at sight Duty regular Cab 2WD – 6,544 pounds2009 F250 SRW supervisor Duty supervisor Cab 4WD 8 Foot – 6,917 pounds2009 F250 SRW at sight Duty super Cab 2WD 8 Foot – 7,350 pounds2009 F250 SRW supervisor Duty Crew Cab 4WD 8 Foot – 7,090 pounds2009 F250 SRW super Duty Crew Cab 2WD 8 Foot – 7,523 pounds2010 F250 XLT supervisor Duty 4×2 continual Cab – 5,628 pounds2010 F250 XL 4WD 4D prolonged Cab – 6,263 pounds2010 F250 Lariat 4WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,479 pounds2011 F250 XL 2WD 2D consistent Cab – 6,048 pounds2011 F250 XLT 2WD 4D expanded Cab – 5,846 pounds2011 F250 King Ranch 4WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,837 pounds2012 F250 Lariat 4WD 4D prolonged Cab – 6,598 pounds2012 F250 King Ranch 4WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,914 pounds2013 F250 XL 2WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,440 pounds2013 F250 Platinum 4WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,827 pounds2015 F250 XL 2WD 2D continuous Cab – 5,710 pounds2015 F250 Lariat 2WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,310 pounds2016 F250 King Ranch 2WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,547 pounds2016 F250 XLT 4WD 4D extended Cab – 6,731 pounds2017 F250 XL 4WD 2D continual Cab – 6,351 pounds2017 F250 King Ranch 4WD 4D Crew Cab – 6,828 pounds2018 F250 super Duty SRW King Ranch – 6,695 pounds2018 F250 supervisor Duty SRW Lariat – 6,695 poundsWhy did ns decide to perform F250 curb weights?When a brand-new truck rolls turn off the manufacturing line, that curb weight will certainly be what that weighs in one un-modified state, with the standard equipment that Ford right it out with.Throughout the ownership of the truck, it can have had modifications and upgrades included to it, every one of which can influence the curb weight, so if purchase used, think around how this can have impacted the manufacturer’s curb load listing for her model and year.The Ford F250 curb weight instances shown over is what the van will have weighed once it to be made, yet taking right into account a full tank that fuel, yet no passengers or cargo inside.Think of it as how much the F250 would weight if it was parked up in ~ the curb, north of gear and also people, and you had actually just gone to the gas station.The reason I provided curb weights (which no the very same as GVWR) is because it will be the most accurate load you can acquire from the manufacturer. Your certain year and model might now it is in different depending on the history of the vehicle.

How to calculation the curb weight of a Ford F250

If you didn’t watch your year and model listed, or you have made changes to her ride, then there is a straightforward equation you have the right to use to calculation curb weight.GVWR Max. Limit – Payload volume = Curb WeightYour truck’s GVWR have the right to be uncovered in the door pillar on the driver’s side. The GVWR is the maximum weight allowed for your truck once completely loaded v passengers and also equipment. You can see exactly how curb weight and GWVR different in the graphic below.

Why understanding your truck weight is important?

If friend don’t recognize what her Ford F250 load is, you have the right to run the threat of putting too much strain on it. That makes for an extremely dangerous driving.As one example, whilst the braking system on the F250 range is very good, and has been tested broadly by Ford, if you are over-loaded, your stopping ranges are significantly reduced.You can likewise damage your truck and end up having to covering out a most money on repairs and fixes.Common repairs forced after over-loading a truck can include:Frame damageSuspension problemsChassis damageWorn and also damaged tiresWheel problemsFrame cracking

How can you sweet your Ford F250?

There are garages that sell truck weighing scales. Some local authorities also offer this service, or you might find a personal weighing station close to to you.Before you weigh your truck, optimal of the gas and engine fluids first, as these are taken into account once measuring curb weight.

Related questions

How lot does a Ford F250 at sight Duty weigh?If the the an easy 2WD version through a constant cab set-up then you’re looking in ~ 5,648 pounds. The 4WD weighs in in ~ 6,114 pounds.Due to the variety of cab and bed lengths, you have to consult the manufacturer website for specific weight details of her model, spec, and also year.How lot does a 2016 F250 weigh?The 2016 F250 has actually differing curb weights depending upon the model. Below are part examples:King Ranch – 6,574 pounds.Lariat – 6,442 pounds.Platinum – 7,136 pounds.XL – 6,351 pounds.XLT– 6,731 pounds.How much weight deserve to a Ford F250 carry?There is a difference between carrying and towing. Girlfriend can discover out just how much an F250 have the right to tow elsewhere on the website.In terms of carrying, friend will need to know what her GVWR (gross automobile weight rating) is. GVWR differs from version to model, so i recommend you review this overview to GVWR together there room calculations in that guide which will certainly let girlfriend calculate how much you can carry.How lengthy is the F250 brief bed?Again, this will rely on your year, model, and also spec.If us look in ~ the 2018 F250, it’s 250 inches lengthy (just end 20 feet), through the size inside the bed between 6 ¾ and also 8 feet from the cab depending upon your model.How much deserve to a F250 haul?Hauling and towing space the very same thing and also there’s a separateguide come F250 towing capacity which ns recommend you read.It details models from 2016 come 2018, v hauling capacity ranging from 14,000 to 21,000 pounds.

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I hope you’ve currently been may be to discover out just how much a F250 weighs.If your details year and model no listed, i recommend friend head on over to Ford’s main website or contact your neighborhood dealership for information – they tend to have actually historical documentation they can supply you.