How hefty is a Washing Machine?

We nothing put much thought into exactly how much a washing machine weighs until it’s time to relocate it or purchase a new one. Some older dwellings may likewise have to think about the weight a weak floor can safely hold.For incorporated washing makers weight is important due to the fact that of the material used to do the unit and also stand the appliance on.

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Although we indicate checking the particular weight the each version individually, we have the right to safely predict that most UK front-loading washing devices will weigh between 60-80kg.
Most washing equipments are designed with either concrete or water weights in the top or base of the an equipment to aid balance and also secure the appliance. Modern makers will opt for the water load to reduced down on transport emissions and also costs, and also so movers deserve to empty and refill the water when lifting the washing machine. In this post, fine cover exactly how much washing devices weigh and also their mean weight and also how lot a tumble dryer weighs.Disclosure: Some that the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we might earn a commission if friend click through and make a purchase.For more information visit this page.

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How much Does a Washing device Weigh?

Generally, washing makers weigh in between 60kg and 80kg, boosting or decreasing relying on the to wash capacity, size and design that the appliance. For example, this Bosch Serie Washing Machine has a 7kg to wash capacity and also weighs 68kg, and also this SAMSUNG Auto dose Washing Machine has actually a 10kg capacity and also weighs 77kg. However, friend can uncover lighter, large capacity washing makers – favor the HOOVER WiFi-enabled Washing Machine with a 10kg wash volume which weighs in at just 66kg – and vice versa. 

Average load of a Washing machine in KG?

If you’re planning on lifting or manoeuvring a washing machine, it’s far better to overestimate the load of one appliance. Although the average washing machine is probably around 7-8kg in a UK household, it’s more secure to assume the it weighs between 70-75kg instead of underestimating and also causing injury or damage. Luckily, ~ above every appliance offering website, lock are compelled to list the weight of the object. In most cases, they’ll also have the unboxed and boxed weight of the machine. For washing device cleaning tips and also advice, examine out our Clean and Tidy Living posts How to Clean A Washing machine With White Vinegar and our detailed post How to Clean A former Loading Washing machine With Vinegar and also Baking Soda.

How much Does a Tumble Dryer sweet in KG?

On average, a tumble dryer in the UK will hold between 6kg-10kg for a drying cycle. This volume variation way that the median weight that a tumble dryer likewise varies. We determined a couple of popular tumble dryers in ~ random and compared your weights to uncover a rough average weight. The median weight that a front-loading washing an equipment in the UK is between 30-40kg because that a plastic appliance, with steel dryers weighing closer come 50kg. 
This 10kg capacity BEKO DTBC10001W tumble dryer weighs 37.5kg, conversely, this HOOVER Dynamic following DX C10DE 10kg dryer weighs simply 32.3kg. On the other finish of the scale, this INDESIT Ecotime IDV75 7kg tumble dryer weighs 34.6kg and this 7kg MIELE TDA140C weighs a whopping 49.5kg This huge variation in weights is most most likely down come the product used to make the appliance. INDESIT is a an ext affordable manufacturer so will more than likely use plastic for your dryers, vice versa, Miele is optimal of the variety and will certainly go for greater quality products like stainless steel. Interestingly, it seems favor the volume of the dryer makes no distinction in the weight of the appliance. 
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How much Does a Washing machine Weigh in KG – final Thoughts 

To summarise, we uncovered that the mean weight of many UK front-loading washing devices is between 60 and 80kg with most sitting at around 70kg. The median weight that a tumble dryer in kilograms is about half of a washing machine, usually in between 30 and 40kg because that plastic dryers, and also 40-50kgs for stainless stole appliances. Whether she planning on relocating your appliances and also are wondering if that doable without getting the movers in, or you simply felt choose finding the end the load of her appliances, we hope this article has been useful. Remember if you planning on relocating your appliances come lift lock carefully and also safely, and also protect flooring native potential damage by using fabric or wooden ply boards. If she looking to buy a light-weight tumble dryer or washing machine, climate cheaper is more than likely a better option. The much more durable and greater quality appliances will usage heavier metal like stainless steel, vice versa, the affordable dryers and washers space usually plastic which is lot lighter. From anyone at Clean and also Tidy Living, us hope this write-up has to be helpful and also that you’ve uncovered the info you were looking for. If you’ve appreciated this post, you might like some of our other appliance connected posts and review write-ups linked below. 

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