Nestle Smarties are have been a favorite with children (and adults) because that decades, v their smooth coco inside surrounding by a crispy shell – what’s no to like!

In short, one single Nestle Smartie (chocolate version) weighs simply over 1g each at roughly 1.15g every sweet, this may vary slightly by 0.01g per sweet.

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Read ~ above to uncover out all the details you require to understand on Smartie weights for various amounts, including conversions and also calories every serving (for various serving sizes).

Weight of One Smartie (in Grams and also Ounces)

Here’s the visual weight of one Smartie in addition to the switch weight in between grams and ounces.Weight ValueOne SmartieGrams1.15Ounces0.04


Smarties Wheight and Calorie Calculator

Use the calculator listed below to occupational out the weight and calories for specific section sizes the Smarties, based on an median weight and also calorie value per Smartie.

How numerous Smarties space in a Tube?

There are right now 32 Smarties in a standard-sized pipe of Nestle Smarties and also this quantity is continual for every tube.

One tube is classed as two servings in terms of recommended amounts of calories/sugar intake.


The weight of one standard tube of Smarties include 32 sweets is 38g (1.3oz) without the tube.I tipped the end a complete tube of Smarties and weighed them v some precision scales and they concerned just end 38g at 38.15g.

How numerous calories are in a (38g)Tube of Smarties?

According come the pack, There are 182 calories (Kcal) in a 38g tube of Smarties include 32 Smarties, 24.4g of which room sugars.The pack guidance confirms that one 38g fill is equal to 2 servings that Smarties.


Weight and also Calories of fifty percent a tube of Smarties

The recommended offer amount that Smarties is fifty percent a pack (which is equal to 16 sweets) the weigh about 19.3g (0.68oz) in total.Half a fill of Smarties or one offer of 16 sweets is same to 91 calories (kcal).


Smarties weight Conversion chart (for many Sweets)

Smarties Calorie chart (for lot of Sweets)

This chart will assist you to job-related out the calories for various amounts of Nestle Smarties (of every colors).

Equipment and Information used for Precision Weights

I supplied precision scales that sweet to 0.01 of a gram i m sorry is frequently calibrated through a 100g weight. For much more information see my recommended weighing scale here.

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To make sure the information in this post is accurate, i researched and cross-referenced assorted sources (as fine as initial research) to obtain the correct weights and calories.

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