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I have this Rem. 1100, 12 ga. 2 3/4 chamber, 30" barrell, complete choke, that has been sitting in a situation for 15 yrs. Thinking that trading towards a small fishing boat for my sons come use.This total is in good shape, what would the approx. Value be because that this shotgun????
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the is a pretty an excellent guess.Many would say the the 30 year old firearms are far better than the more recent ones.

My friend just bought great used 1100 v a 28 inch modified vent rib barrel for $299.00. I bought a mint 1100 3 inch v a 28 inch vent rib barrel for $250.00. So that depends. All the best...Gil
I thought it would be worth an ext than that, not worth getting rid of it for the , i did look at MGO, cool forum.Thanks come all!~!!!!
If it really is in good condition I would certainly be suprised if you obtained less than 400 because that it. There room a couple of on gunbroker and also the just one with a beginning price less than 400 is in negative shape. There is one v a comparable description come yours other than that it shows up to it is in unfired and also the bid is at 631.00. The cheat is to find the ideal buyer.
I was thinking it was in the area the $400.00 come $600. Range. But then we constantly think its worth much more if you own it.The 30" barrell is to lengthy for my son, price native Cabella"s because that a replacement is approx. $230.00...thanks
30 inch complete choke is generally a duck/goose barrel, yet maybe that"s what girlfriend do. Girlfriend could always sell the old barrel for 100 come 150, purchase the brand-new barrel, and be all set. Those enlarge Remingtons really space solid guns. Mine goto for partridge is a 20 gauge / 28 inch modified do in the early 70"s. That probably has actually 10,000 rounds v it v all the catch shooting we provided to do.

The 30" barrell is to long for mine son, price native Cabella"s for a instead of is approx. $230.00...thanks
have actually it cut much shorter and threaded for choke tubes and kill two birds v one stone.Or, just look for a used barrel i beg your pardon I understand that girlfriend can obtain a whole lot cheaper 보다 a brand-new one. Still, length may it is in an worry as castle are few and far in between any much shorter than 26".
When ns was looking, i couldn"t uncover a Rem OEM barrel shorter than 26". Currently the 26" I placed on there seems simply right for my uses.
26" to be what ns think i want. Believed I would save the 30" for any type of duck in future. Ns purchased the gun once I to be young and also foolish, didn"t recognize what i needed. Did a tiny duck, however mostly rabbit/pheseant.It"s no my only shot gun
Only takes a pair of secs to swap barrels. Chop the 30" down to 19" and you have one hell that a home defense shotgun. Add a two shot mag extension with the reduced barrel and you have one of my PD shotguns. It can be changed back out and ready to hit the field in under 3 minutes.

im no gun professional by any method but the only 1100"s ive seen detailed for 300-350 are in real rough shape. I seem come see means more in the $450-$500 range. H*ll whats a new one price ? $1000? I would certainly at least list it because that what friend want. Worst that will happen is friend wont market it...
im no gun expert by any way but the just 1100"s i have seen noted for 300-350 are in actual rough shape. I seem come see way more in the $450-$500 range. H*ll whats a brand-new one price ? $1000? I would at the very least list it for what girlfriend want. Worst that will occur is friend wont sell it...
But they commonly don"t offer in that selection 450/550.Heck a couple of years back I sold a16 year old 1100 3 in Magnum with high gloss share that had been shot less than 25 times for $425, gun to be premo and looked an excellent as brand-new or better..... Took forever to sell........
Heck a pair of years back I sold a16 year old 1100 3 in Magnum with high gloss share that had actually been shot much less than 25 times for $425, gun was premo and looked good as new or better..... Take it forever come sell........

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Story of my life.....A work late and a dissension short! Somebody acquired a good deal! As much as I"m concerned, a 20 year old 1100 in great condition in the $450-$500 selection is a much much better buy 보다 todays brand new 1100 Sportsman models in the $600 range. Because that the OP, you can probably have the barrel shortened and threaded because that chokes for under $175. Probably uncover a offered 26" or 28" ar barrel for about $125 through a solved choke, a few bucks an ext for a threaded barrel. I"d it is in calling approximately to some shops....Bob"s Gun and also Tackle in Hastings and On Target in Kalamazoo probably have actually a handfull of used 1100 barrels collecting dust. Definitely won"t help attain a boat for the kids however it could make a an excellent gun a little more versatile for the family members needs.