Last update on September 28, 2021 by prosper with dearteassociazione.orgPlanting or cultivation palm tree on your property offers myriad benefits, many notably a tropical landscape look, and also the reality that they improve air humidity.But because most palm tree species require a fair little bit of field of expertise to thrive from seed, and also over 70 work to simply sprout, you’re most likely wondering exactly how much walk a palm tree cost if friend buy from neighborhood gardening center.

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Short prize is that the cost of a palm tree depends on the species, the age, and of course whereby you buy it from, but to give you a stormy idea might be anywhere between 100’s that dollars come $10,000+.

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Common varieties of Palm Trees and also Costs

Before revealing the cost of a palm tree, that a an excellent idea to understand the common varieties of palm trees perfect for your yard, so the you have the right to pick the appropriate tree in ~ the ideal price.

Royal Palm Tree

Royal palm trees stand out from the other varieties for their quintessential tall structures such as the ones you view along the highways of southerly Florida or California. This species is one of two people classified as the genus Roystonea or Roystonea regia, both in an easy terms indicate royalty.In regard come growth, a imperial palm tree caps the end at roughly 100 feet (30.48 m), and its green fronds can spread approximately 25 feet (7.62 m) wide. Farming these from seed is a little bit tricky, because this particular species is vulnerable to disease and mineral deficiency, but they are fairly hardy.

One that their key traits is the they flourish quickly, but are only a good choice for planting about larger properties, owing to their huge size.

Cost of imperial Palm

The cost of a imperial palm is greatly influenced by its height, and also can be anywhere between $200 to $250. But some experts case that a couple of Royal palms market for more than $10,000, which equates to around a $100 per foot the trunk. Girlfriend can even buy seeds if you’d favor to thrive from scratch, and sell the mature trees for a handsome profit. It might take a when though.


Parlor Palm – indoor Palm Tree

Also known as the Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm, this attractive small plant originates from main America, and also can flourish to fine over 6 feet tall with appropriate care. Right as an indoor palm tree, the is periodically referred to as bamboo palm because that its bamboo prefer stems that spread choose bamboo.
Cost the Parlor Palm TreeParlor palms are easily accessible at your regional gardening stores and at digital marketplaces, and carry price sign ranging between $40 come $100+.

Kentia Palm

If you aren’t one of the happy ones to live in a tropical climate, however would prefer to include a dry look and feel to her home, Kentia palm is a good choice. Indigenous to mr Howie Island in the south Pacific, Kentia has actually typical big palm-shaped leaves, and also can flourish up come an superior 40 feet (12.19 m) tall.Cost of Kentia PalmThe cost of a Kentia palm is roughly $250 per trunk square foot. Tree in this selection generally measure as much as 14 feet (4.27 m) in height, and offer prompt tropical see for your property.

Pygmy day Palm

A small pygmy date palm will begin from approximately $50 for a specimen in a 10 inch pot.

Foxtail Palm (Butia capitata)

While it may look delicate, this palm is actually quite sturdy.Its shiny, pointed pipeline lend an air of elegance to any room, and also it will tolerate any type of temperature between around 15 and 100 levels Fahrenheit (37.78 °C), as long as there is many of sunlight.Of course, because these palm trees grow really slowly, it may take years to get to this point, but don’t shed hope: simply be sure to store it well-watered, and it will outlast you.

How much Does A Foxtail Palm Cost?

A specimen in a pot of approximately 12 gallons (45.42 l) will set you back more or much less $200.00

Bottle Palm

Bottle palms are extremely popular houseplants, since they look great and require very tiny maintenance come thrive.If you love the look at of a tall, elegant plant however you don’t desire to attend to the mess and also the maintain that originates from having one, then this is the perfect plant because that you. The is a smaller, an ext compact version of the actual thing that you deserve to place virtually anywhere in your house.


How lot Does A Full-Grown Palm Tree Cost?

As stated earlier, the price of palm trees finish with root vary, whereby a completely grown, and also healthy tree deserve to cost approximately $15,000+. The expense may or may not include shipping and also landscaping, which deserve to easily add a few hundred dollars to the full bill.
If you great to sell your homegrown palm, it may be precious hundreds if not hundreds of dollars. But there are couple of things to check out once deciding to offer your palm tree such together if the feasible to move the tree in addition to its root ball, as some neighborhoods and cities have ordinances versus moving large palms.Common arrays such together the dwarf palm and also Mexican pan palm typically don’t have any kind of resale value, so you’re more than likely going to finish up spending more in palm tree removal prices than the actual value of the tree.


What Is the ideal Growing Zone for Palm Trees?

With their tropical climate and also sandy beaches, Florida and Hawaii are popular destinations because that palm trees.But they deserve to be grown virtually anywhere, as long as there is plenty of sun and warm weather.People are acquainted with photos of the types that prosper on dry islands, but did you understand that not every palm tree is a coconut palm?

In fact, only roughly 2% of palm types are tropical, farming on dry islands choose the Philippines.The remainder of them, like the ones that you see growing in Hawaii, are instead subtropical or also temperate.While this might seem surprising, numerous can it is in found growing in Florida or California in the unified States, or in components of Europe and also Canada.The expense of a fully grown palm depends mainly on the types you’re interested in. Outdoor types are typically priced greater than indoor trees, however you deserve to expect to spend anywhere in between $10 and upwards the $1000 for matured specimens with large trunks.

There are a couple of factors to consider prior to when shopping because that a palm tree consisting of your budget, variety of palm tree required, even if it is they will certainly live at home or outdoors, form of palm trees, and how high you’d choose them to grow.For example, if you thrive a huge species, then you have the right to expect come pay between $10 and $50 because that a little tree.But a tree that’s at least four and also six feet in height will price you in between $100 come $500+.

However, if you want the California glamour that totally grown palm trees provide, the prices have the right to run in between $500 come $2000+.


What Is The Average price Of treatment for an the end Palm Tree?

Apart from the cost of buying a palm tree, there is an ext to the expense of palm tree care. Palms require regular trimming through the exactly tools, aka pruning, to store them both attractive and also safe.
There are several key reasons come prune palm trees including removing sprouts native the basic of the trunk, removing dead and dying pipeline to encourage new growth. Etc.Unless you understand what she doing, pruning palm tree requires experienced help, through landscape companies charging in between $45 and $950, with the median being $75.

To give you a much better idea top top the price of pruning small palm trees the measure between 10 to 15 feet in height is around $60 come $70 because that each tree.For extra large palm trees that stand 50 feet+ tall, the price of palm tree trimming is roughly $300 to $600, fan to labor and also equipment costs.In terms of the finest time come prune palm trees, there’s no details time that year to obtain the task done, however the best time come trim is once the trees look choose they require it.

You have to be really sure that you do want an expensive palm tree on your property, together if you readjust your mental later, a high cost to eliminate palm trees could possibly come together a shock, specifically if you have actually a bigger tree the you need taking away.

How long Does the Take for a Palm Tree come Grow?

Most types of palm trees generally take in between four and also six years to thrive from seed to their highest. Climate there are details palm tree varieties that have the right to take two to 3 years just to with one foot in height.If you looking to have actually a palm tree planted in your yard, that recommended the you purchase one that is at least one to three years old, as beginning from seed can be a bit challenging.You should likewise consider what is the finest time of year to tree the tree that you room planning top top growing.

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Final thoughts On just how Much go a Palm Tree Cost

Palm trees room a an excellent addition to your yard, but can it is in costly depending on the species you choose. The price of these tropical highlights relies on several components including the form of palm you buying, the size, and the nursery you purchasing from.While a palm tree can expense anywhere in between $15 come $45 for a three-gallon tree, larger trees taller 보다 10 feet can cost anywhere in between a couple of hundred dollars to hundreds of dollars.When buying a palm tree, you likewise need to consider the cost of upkeep, which have the right to run into hundreds of dollars because that a solitary tree.
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