MILKY way Midnight Dark cacao Candy Bars space made v creamy caramel and also smooth nougat and enrobed in affluent dark chocolate. MILKY way Minis dimension Candy Bars are a good treat at any kind of time. Buy a bag to share through family and also friends, pass out at the office, carry to a vacation party or pass the end to trick-or-treaters top top Halloween. There's no wrong means to spread out your love that tasty dark chocolate.

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•Contains one 8.9-ounce bag that MILKY method Midnight Dark chocolate Minis size Candy Bars

•Made with creamy caramel and also smooth nougat, extended in wealthy dark chocolate

•Stock your pantry with enough individually covering dark coco bars to share with whoever fall by

•Decorate your desktop candy bowl through delicious dark chocolate flavor the your coworkers will beg you to share

•Each bag stands up for simple storage


Semisweet cacao (sugar, coco Processed through Alkali, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Milkfat, soy Lecithin, Artificial and Natural Flavors), Corn Syrup, Sugar, vegetables Oil (hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil And/or Palm Oil), Skim Milk, much less Than 2% - Milkfat, Lactose, Salt, Egg Whites, Natural and also Artificial Flavors, Chocolate.


Allergy information: contains milk, egg and also soy. May contain peanuts.


The temperature and also humidity varieties are design to safeguard the quality features of the products. Assets should be stored at a temperature of 70F +/- 5F, humidity the 50% +/- 10% relative Humidity

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 33.00 g
Servings per Container about 8
Amount every ServingCalories 150.0
% everyday ValueTotal Fat 6g9%daily valueSaturated Fat 4g20%daily valueTrans Fat 0gdaily valueCholesterol 0mg0%daily valueSodium 40mg2%daily valueTotal Carbohydrate 24g8%daily valueDietary Fiber 1g4%daily valueSugars 20gdaily valueProtein 1gdaily value
Percent everyday Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Popular brands

Brach'sCHEETOSDoritosFood ClubHerr'sHershey'sHy-VeeJelly BellyLay's

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Is Milky means Midnight Dark coco Minis dimension Candy Bars gluten-free?
Yes, Milky means Midnight Dark coco Minis size Candy Bars is gluten-free.

How numerous calories are in Milky means Midnight Dark coco Minis dimension Candy Bars?
Milky means Midnight Dark coco Minis size Candy Bars has actually 150.0 calories.

How many carbs are in Milky method Midnight Dark coco Minis dimension Candy Bars?
Milky means Midnight Dark coco Minis size Candy Bars has 24.0 carbs.

How much sugar is in Milky way Midnight Dark cacao Minis dimension Candy Bars?
Milky method Midnight Dark chocolate Minis size Candy Bars has 20.0 grams that sugar.

How much fat is in Milky method Midnight Dark coco Minis size Candy Bars?
Milky method Midnight Dark cacao Minis size Candy Bars has actually 6.0 grams of fat.

How much sodium is in Milky way Midnight Dark cacao Minis dimension Candy Bars?
Milky means Midnight Dark cacao Minis dimension Candy Bars has actually 40.0 grams the sodium.
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