What execute you think around when you’re in search of a folding chair? Most people focus top top comfort, and rightfully so. But there is one more question you need to ask – just how much go a folding chair weigh?

Typical load of a urgently chair is between 5 come 13 pounds (2.3 come 5.9 kilograms). The lightest camping chairs begin from 2 pounds (0.9 kg), and also heaviest chairs intended for indoor usage go approximately 27 pounds (12.2 kg).

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Weights different according come the type of chair, materials, and folding mechanisms.

Weights the different types of folding Chairs

We examined the median weight of urgent chairs by looking in ~ the peak 10 bestsellers native Amazon in various categories. We checked the weights and calculated the average.

1.Plastic urgent chairs without padding

5.5 to 11 pounds (2.5 come 5 kilograms)the average: 8.0 pounds (3.6 kg)

2.Wooden folding chairs there is no padding

6 to 11.2 pounds (2.7 come 5.1 kilograms)the average: 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg)

3.Wooden urgent chairs through padding

outdoor use:

8.9 to 13 pounds (4 to 5.9 kg)the average: 10 pounds (4.5 kg)

indoor use:

13 to 26.8 pounds (5.9 come 12.2. Kg)the median 16.2 pounds (7.3 kg)

4.Metal Chairs there is no padding

6.4 to 10 pounds (2.9 come 4.5 kilograms),the median 8.3 pounds (3.9 kg)

5.Metal Chairs v padding

9 come 14.5 pounds (4.1 come 6.6 kilograms),the median 10.4 pounds (4.7 kg).

6.Camping chairs

2 to 13.9 pounds (0.9 to 6.3 kilograms),the mean 8.5 pounds (3.9 kg)

The weight might not be much of an concern for a chair girlfriend don’t require to lug a lot, favor a chair that you use indoors.

Weight problem if you are organizing an event and you should arrange a lot of chairs. And also if you go outdoors and take a chair with you.

Weight that the Camping Chair

If you want to walk for a hike and need the chair for pit stops, climate the question about the weight is important.

The most heavy camping chair in our comparison was 13.9 pounds (6.3 kg). Is it also heavy? Well, it’s no a light chair for a camp chair:

If you are going to be carrying it on a longer nature hike, it’s too heavy.If you are taking it from the vehicle to a picnic or outdoor occasion in the park, or sports event like baseball games, it’s perfect.

The durability thing is a large part when picking the chair. Lightest chairs are less complicated to bring with, but they could not last as long as a heavier one.

Here, we’re going come look in ~ the factors that affect the weight of a collapsible chair. There space several factors that affect the answer to the concern “how much does a urgently chair weigh?” Let’s look at them here.

The Frame

The product used to make the framework has the biggest impact on the weight of a collapsible chair. Manufacturers may use anything native steel v to aluminum alloy in structure construction.

The former reasons a chair to weigh more than the latter. In fact, steel-framed chairs have the right to weigh up to 8 or 9 pounds, which renders a real difference when you’re make the efforts to carry them large distances.

That’s why many manufacturers and also foldup chair buyers favor aluminum frames. Despite a lighter metal, aluminum still provides the sturdiness that is so crucial in a camping chair.

Chairs made using aluminum alloy have tendency to be even lighter. Some camp chairs weigh as small as 2 pounds, which makes them an extremely easy to carry for all however the the smallest of children.

You’ll often uncover the frame makes a distinction when it concerns price as well. Heavier frames have tendency to command reduced prices because campers currently have to resolve the inconvenience that a heavy portable chair produces.

Frames made utilizing aluminum alloy will generally fetch higher prices since they perform offer much more convenience.

The Fabric

Though that doesn’t make a substantial difference when you’re trying to figure out the answer come “how much does a urgently chair weigh?” you still need to consider the towel when making your purchase.

What you’re feather for below is the denier (D) rating of the fabric. Over there isn’t a vast amount the difference in between the fabrics manufacturers use, yet the thickness the those fabrics will include to the weight.

For example, a 600D towel weighs much less than a 1000D fabric.

Again, it’s a young factor, as differing fabric thicknesses won’t include much an ext than a pound to her chair’s weight. But it is one more thing come consider.

The bring Case

Not all portable chairs come with lug cases, yet those that do tend to it is in heavier once they’re pack away. It’s a trade-off.

Carry instances make the chair much easier to move from A to B, however they also include that tiny bit the extra weight throughout transport.

The finest cases come with handles that will at least help you carry them properly. A shoulder strap allows you distribute the load of the chair much better than a small handle.

The Extras

A most portable picnic and sports chairs come with added extras that might also influence on the answer come “how much does a folding chair weigh?” Cup holders don’t tend to include much, as they room usually made utilizing mesh. Cup holders are an excellent in a chair that you usage as a picnic or sports chair.

But friend do need to think about the extra weight if the chair comes through a table. Commonly made native plastic, this foldable tables come in handy once you’re sitting down enjoying a meal.

Unfortunately, friend will have to account for them once carrying the chair, as they include a tiny amount the extra weight.

Why do You need to Ask just how Much does a folding Chair Weigh?

So why walk the chair’s load matter? There space several reasons that girlfriend will desire to keep in mind.


The most noticeable reason why you have to ask “how lot does a portable chair weigh?” is that you will regularly need to bring the chair across long distances. Campers and also anglers might not have to worry about this too much, however hikers and also backpackers do.

A heavy chair doesn’t represent a huge burden in ~ first. After all, 9 pounds (4.1 kg) isn’t a vast amount of weight. But, that weight yes, really starts come bear down on you as soon as you’re a few miles into a hike.

You may discover yourself having to slow-moving down or stop entirely to rest if you take it on too much weight throughout a hike.


Many youngsters enjoy camping and picnics, however a heavy chair can ruin their experience. Remember, kids do not have actually fully-developed muscles, so they will battle much more with a heavy chair than adults.

A irradiate chair will ensure your boy will comfortably have the ability to carry the chair the forced distance and won’t be tired in the process.

The final Word

You have to now know the various components that influence the answer to the concern “how much does a folding chair weigh?” there are additionally several factors why you must think around this question as soon as buying a new chair.

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As a general rule, look for a chair make of aluminum or aluminum alloy if you want a irradiate folding chair. These sell the sturdiness of steel without weighing girlfriend down as soon as you’re moving the chair over long distances.