David Tutera is a well-known personality in wedding industry. The wedding planner has organized a an excellent number that celebrities’ weddings, including the people of Star Jones, Shannen Doherty and Antonio Pierce. But David is also a wedding dresses designer, who creates beautiful costume at fairly affordable prices.

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Now, we’d favor to have actually a closer look at among David Tutera wedding dresses, dubbed Elnora. So, stop start.

Who This dress Is suitable For?

The version is called Elnora and also its vendor code is 217230. It was designed by David Tutera, a celebrity wedding planner, for Mon Cheri Bridals. This David Tutera wedding gown each other the bridal dress of Amal Clooney, design by Oscar de la Renta. So, if you liked that gown, you have an chance to get a similar dress, however at an ext affordable price.

It’s plainly seen that the Elnora David Tutera wedding dress is of A-line silhouette, i beg your pardon is known for that universality. That suits girl with many body species and of assorted height. However, it looks the ideal on the brides v normal or high height. Moreover, A-line gowns are also liked by the method they look: they are close come the traditional princess silhouette, but, in ~ the same time, are much less pompous.


David Tutera Elnora wedding dress

Colors: We discuss the Elnora wedding gown in ivory/tea climbed color. However, the also available in diamond white color.

Sizes: The dress is available in 0-20 and also 18W come 26W sizes.

Prices: David Tutera wedding dress prices room affordable for world with tool income. The price for this gown arrays from $2000 come $2500.

Pros and Cons

Now, that time to think about positive and an adverse sides that this wedding dress by David Tutera.


- A-line Tutera wedding dresses suit girls with miscellaneous body types. Castle look good at both petite and plus dimension brides.

- The off-the-shoulder neckline will make friend look sexy and tender, showing off the beauty beauty of her shoulders and also breast line.

- The blush, or to be exact tea rose, color will do you watch unique. Blush wedding dresses David Tutera are always romantic and beautiful.

- If you are petite, the 3d flowers will help to make you look at a little fuller in breast and waist.

- it’s a an excellent opportunity to acquire a dress, designed by a renowned personality, however which costs normally. David Tutera wedding dresses prices range from $1500 to $2500.

- it’s a dress from the latest arsenal of the brand and so, you will be able to boast of the gown from the newest collection of dresses by David Tutera.

- Also, by obtaining this dress, you have the right to boast that the gown, i m sorry is very similar to the one, worn by Amal Clooney at she wedding come George Clooney.

3062 model by Allure Bridal

If you look for for something similar but simpler, pay fist to model 3062 through Allure Bridals. It’s offered in Ivory/Nude, White/Nude, Ivory, White colors. The very similar to the David Tutera gown through the A-line silhouette and also open shoulders, however is totally made of tulle. The price is $750-1000.

Saffron Bridal Gown through Maggie Sottero

6144 style by Stella York

If you favor the discussed gown due to the fact that of the color, right here is the different by Stella York. The blush dress (style 6144) is of A-line silhouette and is decorated with lace. The difference is the it features the V-neckline. The price is $1000-1500.

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So, you see that David Tutera wedding dresses room a good choice if you desire to have actually a beautiful designed dress at reasonable price. However, the selection of the suitable wedding dress is a very an individual matter and no one but you can decide if it’s an ideal for you or not.