I recently mentioned that i have started my very first professional dance/movement therapy job. I am much more than thrilled to have a position as a dance/movement therapist and also begin to maintain my career. One of my goals upon exiting graduate school was obtaining a full-time dance/movement therapy job. As I begin to manuever through life together a dance/movement therapy experienced I am establish there were some things I wasn’t expecting, didn’t realize, or simply flat-out didn’t know. Right here is a perform of those things to melted light ~ above what it’s prefer to be a brand-new professional dance/movement therapist.

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My starting salary is not awesome nor is it great. The topic of salary (or maybe simply money in general) appears to be taboo in ~ the dance/movement therapy community and deserves a blog post of its own. Granted, us didn’t end up being dance/movement therapists because that the money. We became dance/movement therapists due to the fact that we love dance and we love help people. Yet then there’s rent. And then there’s food. And frankly, people work to do money and also dance/movement therapists are no different. Favor most beginning salaries for mental health professionals, the amount isn’t a lot i m sorry is why I have actually a second job bartending ~ above the weekends. However, together cheesy as it sounds, mine dance/movement therapy job is well-off in experience and also will assist me land a higher paying job, a teaching gig, or workshop in the future. I guess prefer everyone else dance/movement therapists need to work up the ladder…. Granted different species of locations pay differently, together as, generally speaking, hospitals pay much more than mental wellness agencies.I’ve had really good days and really great dance/movement therapy groups, yet then there is the bad. As a new professional I had actually high hopes of making each and also every one of my dance/movement therapy groups THE. BEST. THEY. COULD. BE. I’m serious, i really strived because that that. And then of course reality collection in and that exactly how that might be close to impossible. Don’t gain me wrong, I’ve had actually some impressive dance/movement treatment groups and moments whereby I important felt there to be a therapeutic transition in mine clients- treatment happened. Top top the other hand, however, I’ve had actually some not-so-good dance/movement therapy groups that have been a little bit dull and also lacked creativity, or maybe the power of the group was off. Possibly I was having an off day. Maybe my clients were having actually an off day. Either method it to be off. What ns am realizing now is that there will be both good and negative groups/days. Either way, to the core of it, treatment happens due to the fact that the up-ness and also down-ness mirrors reality.

Well over there you have actually it, some things I have actually learned and also realized during my first few months together a dance/movement therapist. Hopefully seasoned specialists read the list and also chuckle, remembering their very own thoughts when very first starting. Hopefully part fellow new dance/movement therapists have the right to relate. I would love to hear thoughts and other realizations from professionals, both seasoned and new.

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