The mean salary for a electrician is $27.61 every hour in Chicago, IL and $7,500 overtime every year.

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The work requiring this certification have actually decrease through 5.83% due to the fact that 2018. Electricians through this certification earn +21.73% much more than the average base salary, i m sorry is $27.61 per hour.

39 Electricians task openings on certainly require this certification in 2012, it rises by 39 in comparison to previous year.

Job TrendYearNumber of task openings on requiring this certificationChange from previous year20122013201420152016201720182019
39increase through 39
167increase through 328.21%
522increase by 212.57%
109decrease by 79.12%
113increase through 3.67%
118increase through 4.42%
120increase by 1.69%
113decrease by 5.83%

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60% that Electricians in the United claims think their earnings are sufficient for the expense of living in their area.

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If you’re unsure around what value is appropriate for one electrician position, visit"s salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on her location, industry and experience.