How lot does a dental Hygienist make in north Carolina? The typical Dental Hygienist value in phibìc Carolina is $71,140 ( $34.20 per hour) as of 2020, but the range typically falls between $63,750 and also $79,690. Dental Hygienist salary ranges have the right to vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, added skills, and years of experience.

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Average dentist Hygienist salary by metro-area

CityEmployed dental HygienistsAverage Hourly WageAverage yearly Salary
Asheville, NC410$30.12$62,660
Burlington, NC110$38.20$79,450
Charlotte, NC1,850$35.52$73,880
Chapel Hill, NC370$35.45$73,740
Fayetteville, NC250$29.32$60,970
Goldsboro, NC70$33.11$68,870
High Point, NC500$33.05$68,750
Greenville, NC130$28.65$59,600
Hickory, NCn/a$33.17$69,000
Jacksonville, NC50$34.90$72,590
New Bern, NC90$36.20$75,300
Raleigh, NC1,260$35.22$73,260
Rocky Mount, NCn/a$22.32$46,420
Wilmington, NC300$34.05$70,830
Winston, NC360$32.86$68,340




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