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Year 2003

August 12

Prices of things in august 2003

economic experts will phone call you that prices space usually based on the regulation of supply and also demand. Still, I"m commonly surprised by exactly how much prices of points change. For example, avocados seem yes, really expensive ideal now. Yet long-distance come Europe is really cheap.

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Here are some instance prices this month:

article Price Comment
A solitary Avocado $1.29 I don"t recognize why it"s so expensive, maybe demand has unable to do up, perhaps back-yard growers aren"t allowed to offer to grocery stores since of the med-fly quarantine
1-minute call to Justin"s cabinet phone $0.029 It"s $0.05 if ns dial straight through Verizon, I usage BigZoo.com. Justin lives here in La Mirada.
1-minute speak to to London $0.029 Same Price! (Through BigZoo again). However, ns don"t understand anyone there, for this reason I never call.
Breakfast at Sam"s Burgers $3.78 That"s about the bottom end of the price scale. It consists of 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, coffee, and tax.
1 gallon that gas $1.79 This different a lot these days. Ns don"t pay lot attention. However this month, it"s rarely below $1.60 or over $2.09. Check out a chart of what I"ve paid because that gas in the past couple of years.
1 gallon the milk $3.19 Sometimes grocery store stores have sales for $3.59 because that 2 gallons.
120 GB tough Drive (7200rpm) $97 Less 보다 $1/Gigabyte is a an excellent deal. Indigenous gogocity.com
2003 Saturn L200 Sedan $18,345 I"ve never bought a new car in mine life. Ns paid $500 in 1993 because that a 1976 Pontiac Firebird, and also $1400 in 1995 because that a 1981 Toyota Corolla Hatchback wagon.
First-Class Stamp $0.37 Still cheap for what friend get. Frequently I obtain mail the next day from throughout town.
1 pound Beef Rib Eye Steaks $3.97 Atlantic Salmon Fillets room the exact same price.
This graph isn"t really interesting today, yet will be entertaining to look at twenty years from now. Everything will look really cheap. Other than the computer system hardware, that will seem ridiculously expensive for what girlfriend get.

Right: neighborhood Albertson"s advertisement for this week

World-Wide Prices

I have household living everywhere the world, so ns asked castle the price of particular items, simply to compare. Here"s what I found out:

item USA Price Mexico Price Togo Price comment
Gasoline $0.47/liter


$5 pesos every liter $0.54 USD every liter $2.03 USD every gallon 365 CFA every liter $0.64 USD every liter $2.42 USD per gallon The us is still one of the cheapest places to to buy gas.Less than two years ago, it to be $0.899/gallon.
A cooked chicken $3.99 50 pesos$4.66 2000 CFA$3.50 Mom claims it offered to be 20 pesos ($1.86) in Mexico City 4 years ago.
Internal travel (Round Trip) LA - ras Vegas (cheap air travel, 14 day development notice) 280 miles $71.50 Tlapa - Mexico City (1st class bus) about 200 miles324 pesos $30.20 Sokode - Lome ("taxi" ride) about 220 miles6000 CFA $10.52 Togo is in West Africa. The "taxi" is yes, really a van that carries 15-18 people.
An Avocado $1.29 3 for 5 pesos $0.15
1kg tortillas $1.38 6 pesos $0.56
An egg $0.083 0.6 pesos $0.056
The Mexico prices are based upon today"s rate of 0.0932 pesos per united state dollar and also 570 CFA per us dollar, although mine brother says you provided to have the ability to get 740 per dollar.

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Converting Gas prices USA/Mexico

Multiply united state price ($/gallon) by 2.47 to get pesos/liter

Multiply Mexico price (pesos/liter) through 0.406 to acquire $/gallon.

Canada: thanks to Wayne for sending me some prices from Canada (Kelowna, B.C. 18-Nov-2003):

Gas prices are at $0.75/liter Canadian dollars. A rotisserie cooking chicken cost $5.00 here and also an egg costs $0.11. (At today"s exchange rate, 0.77, in united state Dollars, that"s $2.18/gallon, $3.85 for the chicken, and also 8.5 cents for one egg.)

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