Sunday to be a hugely crucial day in ~ the NFL Scouting Combine, as this particular day was the day once the running backs, broad receivers and quarterbacks came out to strut their stuff. In the NFL, this is where the big money often tends to go, so it pretty lot goes there is no saying the you don"t want to look at bad.

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Naturally, there were plenty of players that stood out. However there were additionally plenty of players that struggled in the assorted drills, and also they might see your draft share drop as a result.

As you may have already surmised, one of these players was Auburn quarterback electronic came Newton. The combine has pretty much been the "The cam Newton Show" come this point, however he really didn"t execute anything to live up to the hype throughout drills today.

Because us don"t want to pick on simply Newton, that is simply one member of the following list, which will talk about which 10 NFL draft prospects didn"t execute themselves any kind of favors ~ above Sunday.

10. A.J. Green, WR, Georgia
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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Take the from me that i am incredibly hesitant to encompass Green on this list, as it would probably be a little harsh to say that he "struggled" top top Sunday. Yet he walk look a little more human than plenty of pundits are making him the end to be.

For one, Green"s 40 time of 4.48 inserted him behind several other receivers. One of those to be Alabama"s Julio Jones, who ran a 4.39.

Now, green is no a speedburner. His main assets space his speed, hands and also body control. If this is the case, climate the gauntlet should have actually been his ideal friend. Instead, the struggled, dropping a pass and also stumbling.

He will be the very first receiver off the plank on draft day, but one it s okay the feeling that Jones" good showing on Sunday has actually narrowed what was regarded to be a pretty vast gap in talent in between he and also Green.

It"s every relative, folks. And also on Sunday, Jones looked favor the better player.

9. Greg Little, WR, north Carolina
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Scott Halleran/Getty Images

North Carolina large receiver Greg little definitely impressed with his showing at the bench press on Saturday, perfect 27 reps that 225 pounds.

On Sunday, however, word come out that little has to be "less than honest" in the interview process, which doesn"t look really good, considering the truth that he was suspended because that the 2010 season because that violationg school and also NCAA rules.

On the field, little didn"t look destructive by any kind of means, however he did have some problem making certain cuts, particularly on the five-yard out route. He additionally had come really slow-moving down top top the curl.

Like ns said, not terrible, yet it sounds favor he can be under the microscope from below on out, and it"s likely that any and all shortcomings could reason a snowball effect.

8. Titus Young, WR, Boise State
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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Boise State large receiver Titus Young came into the combine with the goal of to run a 4.2 40-yard dash, and the thinking was that he had actually a possibility to create himself as the following DeSean Jackson.

Young walk have good showings in the 40 with times that 4.43 and also 4.44, but he obviously wasn"t as fast as he wanted to be. He also looked tentative in pass-catching drills, and also it sounds prefer he looked nervous around catching the ball.

A tiny later on, Young"s calf muscle began cramping up and also he had to be aided off the field.

One supposes the Young can have looked worse, however he definitely let fellow Boise recipient Austin Pettis take the spotlight by comparison. Still, Young"s draft stock is by no way going to plummet ~ today.

7. Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami
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Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The last time we glimpsed Miami vast receiver Leonard Hankerson, he was lighting increase the stat sheet at the an elderly Bowl. Teaming up greatly with Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder (who looked very great today), Hankerson recorded five balls for 100 yards and also a touchdown and also showed a an excellent knack because that making something out of nothing.

At the combine on Sunday, Hankerson posted a pretty great 40 time of 4.43, however he had actually trouble capturing the round consistently throughout drills. That"s clear a small concerning, together they don"t commonly pay broad receivers just so they deserve to go the end there and be fast.

6. Damien Berry, RB, Miami
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Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

For a male who stand at just 5"10", Damien Berry is a pretty large guy, together he advice the scale at upwards the 210 pounds. Due to the fact that of this, it"s perhaps not all that surprising the he ran the 40 in 4.61 seconds.

Not a terrible time. But if you"re no going to it is in a burner, you need to be agile, and also Berry was neither. While players choose Alabama"s mark Ingram and Kentucky"s Derrick Locke yes, really stood the end in the running back drills, Berry failed to showcase any kind of balance or agility.

On balance, he definitely didn"t help himself.

5. Nathan Enderle, QB, Idaho
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Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

With all the ruckus surrounding players prefer Newton, Jake Locker and also Ryan Mallett, friend don"t hear about Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle all that often. However he reflects a strong arm top top film, and also the reasoning is that he can make a quite late-round option.

In throw drills top top Sunday, Enderle supposedly failed to understand the id that scouts like to see strong arms in person. He underthrew numerous passes, causing his receivers to change their routes.

The thinking is the he was much more caught increase in being exact than anything else, and also his power left a lot to be desired as a result.

4. Ryan Colburn, QB, Fresno State
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Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images

A pair days ago, among ESPN"s pundits referred to as Fresno State quarterback Ryan Colburn a good late-round option. At the an extremely least, that conceded that he might be a great project together an undrafted totally free agent.

After Colburn"s reflecting on Sunday, the last seems much more likely. Colburn verified a significant lack of eight strength and also really struggled through his all at once accuracy.

Kinda sounds like one more Fresno State quarterback that us all recognize of: David Carr. At this point, that"s obviously not a good thing.

3. Tyrod Taylor, QB, Virginia Tech
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Marc Serota/Getty Images

Nobody doubted Tyrod Taylor"s rate coming right into the combine, and also he didn"t disappoint by pacing every his fellow quarterbacks through a 40 time of 4.51.

Nevertheless, Taylor still seems hell-bent ~ above fighting the id that he would certainly be much more useful as a large receiver at the next level 보다 he would certainly be as a quarterback. Together such, that really required to look good in throwing drills, and also he did just the opposite.

Both Taylor"s accuracy and also timing were inconsistent throughout his session, and he pretty lot didn"t carry out anything to sell scouts ~ above the idea that he can handle quarterback duties as a pro.

Keep in mind the he"s a tiny on the smaller sized side at 6"1," so possibly a move to receiver is a great idea, whether he likes it or not.

2. John Clay, RB, Wisconsin
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Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Up till he got hurt towards the end of the year, john Clay to be the featured back for a Wisconsin team that eliminated teams with the run. But nobody has ever before made the failure of labeling him together a burner, and he proved why top top Sunday.

In the 40-yard dash, Clay ran a 4.84, proper beating the end Wisconsin teammate Scott Tolzien.

For the record, Tolzien is a quarterback.

Making problem worse is the reality that Clay really didn"t present much agility or balance in other drills, i beg your pardon basically way he doesn"t carry anything come the table.

Let the "feet that Clay" jokes begin.

1. Camer Newton, QB, Auburn
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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Obviously, things didn"t go as well for Newton on Sunday together he most likely would have actually liked.

Newton had actually a solid reflecting in the 40-yard dash through a time the 4.59 seconds, however his throwing session wasn"t really good. The completed simply 11 that his 21 passes, airmailing receivers ~ above 10-yard outs, 15-yard ins, and fly patterns.

True, Newton to be working through unfamiliar receivers. However so were the other top quarterbacks, and also they didn"t have Newton"s struggles. Making problem worse is that Ryan Mallett and Jake Locker, two quarterbacks who are not recognize for your accuracy, looked really good in the throw drills.

Newton"s share won"t take it that lot of a struggle after today, mental you. But for a guy who can be a top-five pick, Newton needed to hog the spotlight.

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