A direct trip native Boston to new York City is a moderate drive of about four hours and 215 miles via I-90 W. However, girlfriend can add extra days come unwind while only enhancing your total drive time by much less than one hour. Take this weekend escape v someone special and enjoy the possibility to obtain away native it every at three significant destinations.

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Drive Time native Boston to brand-new York City: approximately 4 hoursDistance native Boston to brand-new York City: roughly 215 miles

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Day 3: You"ll reach brand-new York City in just under 2 hours, spanning the 86 miles from new Haven via CT-15 S. Finish your romantic getaway v a it s as beautiful as picture stroll through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Browse the delights that the Chelsea industry hand-in-hand because that a leisurely activity, or head to the high-energy Brooklyn Night Bazaar, with its arcade games, karaoke rooms and also mini-golf.

Turn your new York City vacation from a destination-focused expedition to one that"s all around the journey. Sluggish down follow me the method and you can enjoy a diverse range of highlights native fine dining come fascinating museums at many cities follow me your route. Simply pack up the car and also start your adventure.


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Boston to new York Road expedition FAQs


Are there toll roads in between Boston and also NYC?

Interstate 90, the Massachusetts Turnpike, is a toy fee road. Travel from downtown Boston come the federal government 84 interchange (Exit 9) will price you $4.15 in toll fees. No tolls exist along Interstate 84 and also Interstate 95, so you won"t need to pay any fees until you reach brand-new York City. Note that tolls in Massachusetts don"t accept cash payments, for this reason you"ll desire to get an EZPass transponder or account. If you"re travel from Bronx to Queens, you"ll probably use the Whitestone bridge or Throgs Neck Bridge. The toll fee fees at these two areas are $8.50 through mail and also $5.76 through EZPass (as the January 2019).

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How execute I navigate toll fee roads and also bridges in brand-new York?

Tolls in brand-new York City can obtain expensive. You can use Google Maps or a GPS application to help identify alternative routes without toll roads. If you have to use toy fee roads, think about investing in an EZPass. 

Some bridges in new York City charge considerable tolls, so shot to use toll-free bridges as soon as possible, such together the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, or Williamsburg Bridge. 


Where have to I park in brand-new York City?

Many drivers in new York City usage parking garages and also outdoor parking lots, as street parking deserve to be sparse. You have the right to look online for garages and parking too many that sell the ideal rates and book a an are before you come at your destination. If you want to save much more money top top parking, take into consideration parking what farther native the city center and take the subway to her destination. 

Where must I prevent along the east coast?

Boston, MABristol, CTNew Haven, CTNew York City, NY


What form of rental car should ns reserve because that this trip?

Since you"ll it is in driving on federal government highways almost the entire trip, you deserve to expect come have straightforward and pleasant journey whether you usage a sedan or SUV. If friend have more than 2 passengers traveling v you, one SUV would be the ideal choice, together it provides additional room.

When is the finest time that year to drive to new York?

The finest time to take it the journey from Boston to brand-new York City is native September to early on November. The weather is enjoyable and the traveler crowds are much less overwhelming. The new England an ar is recognized for its loss foliage, which additionally makes for a scenic drive. 

Between summer and also early fall, the region can experience substantial rainfall and sometimes thunderstorms. Be certain to inspect the weather prior to hitting the road. 

If you’re travel in winter months, be cautious of ice and snowy conditions. Usage precautions and also rent an all-wheel drive vehicle if possible. 


Are there any kid-friendly activities along the way?

Many kid-friendly attractions and activities exist between Boston and new York City. In Bristol, your kids can enjoy interactive play in ~ the Imagine Nation, view modern and historical merry-go-round devices at the brand-new England Carousel Museum, and indulge in sweet treats in ~ the It! liquid store and Frozen Delights. 

New Haven also has many an excellent attractions for children, including the that Adventure at home Ropes Course, Escape brand-new Haven, Arethusa Farms, Connecticut Children"s Museum, and also the Leitner family members Observatory and Planetarium. If you"re protecting against over in Norwalk, carry your children to the Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Sheffield Island Lighthouse, and the SONO ar House. 


Where have to I eat in Bristol, Connecticut?

For breakfast, you have the right to savor a hearty American-style enjoy the meal at 457 Mason Jar, reap a fresh bagel sandwich in ~ the new York-style Bagels add to Deli, or eat healthy and balanced at the vegetarian-friendly Parkside Cafe. Because that lunch, do your method to Greer"s Chicken because that a mouth-watering fried chicken meal, Monterrey mexico Restaurant because that authentic mexican food, or mountain Gennaro Napolitano Pizza for wood-fired pizza. 

For one elegant dinner experience, head come the Willows Restaurant, which supplies innovative American dishes and also excellent wine pairings. If you"re craving fresh seafood or a steak, Cava Restaurant in adjacent Southington is recommended.