Have friend heard of50 Shades the Grey? have actually you maybe perplexed it for among those other "Grey" or "Gray" books out over there on the market? If girlfriend have, you room not alone.

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Have you heard that 50 Shades the Grey? have actually you maybe perplexed it for among those other "Grey" or "Gray" books out over there on the market, possibly also confusing the writer of, say, a novel around a Lithuanian girl exiled to Siberia through the writer of the erotic BDSM trilogy that"s topping the New York Times Best-Seller list? v so many books with that specific color in the title, the is difficult to save things straight! no to worry, here"s a overview to the "imposters" you may be perplexed by. And for good measure, the real one.

Fifty Shades that Grey: book One that the Fifty Shades Trilogy, by E.L. James 

About: From Amazon, "When literature student Anastasia Steele goes come interview young business man Christian Grey, she encounters a guy who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, chaste Ana is startled to establish she wants this guy and, despite his enigmatic reserve, find she is desperate to gain close to him. Can not to withstand Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and also independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but ~ above his very own terms." From Wikipedia, "Set largely in Seattle, the is the very first installment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between college graduate Anastasia Steele and a young organization magnate, Christian Grey. That is remarkable for its explicitly erotic scene featuring elements of BDSM."

Amazon best Sellers Rank: #1 in Books

Disclaimer: Not anyone is a fan. Detractors point out terrible writing and also annoying repetitions and also the fact that the publication started out together Twilight fan-fiction. One diligent Amazon reviewer to write the following:

i have discovered that Ana claims "Jeez" 81 times and "oh my" 72 times. She "blushes" or "flushes" 125 times, consisting of 13 that are "scarlet," 6 that space "crimson," and one the is "stars and also stripes red." (I can"t even imagine.) Ana "peeks up" at Christian 13 times, and there are 9 referrals to Christian"s "hooded eyes" and also 7 to his "long index finger." personalities "murmur" 199 times and also "whisper" 195 times (doesn"t anyone simply talk?), "clamber" on/in/out of points 21 times, and "smirk" 34 times. Finally, in a remarkable bit of symmetry, our hero and also heroine exchange 124 "grins" and also 124 "frowns"... Which, by the way, seems an awful many frowning for a woman who experiences "intense," "body-shattering," "delicious," "violent," "all-consuming," "turbulent," "agonizing" and "exhausting" orgasms ~ above just about every page.

Between Shades that Gray, through Ruta Sepetys

About: A Lithuanian girl exiled to Siberia throughout Stalin"s reign of terror.

Evidence the Confusion: A stranger seated alongside Sepetys ~ above a aircraft whispered come her, "You room an erotic phenomenon," according to NPR"s All points Considered. Also, the first line is "They took me in my nightgown," states the author. "At an initial glance, readers might not know that the nightgown foreshadows totalitarianism, not titillation."

Further evidence of Confusion: "At a bookstore occasion in Cambridge, Mass., a male approached me after the general public discussion and said, "I should have gained my days mixed up, ns was here for a various shade that gray ... However hey, walk Stalin really kill every one of those people?""

Amazon finest Sellers Rank: #2,085 in Books

Shades the Grey: publication Two that the Alexis Stanton Chronicles  by J.C. Phelps 
About: "When Alexis Stanton, a.k.a. Ms. Grey, is assigned to i found it the true identity of the well known sniper Penumbra, she"s likewise expected to defend the service mogul next on the assassin"s fight list. The one human being who hold the vital to the sniper"s true identification warns Alex not to dig any deeper. Penumbra has never let go his mark and will take out anyone that gets in the way."

Evidence of more Confusion: Phelps is additionally the writer of Reflections of Grey: book Three that the Alexis Stanton Chronicles and Color Me Grey: publication One that the Alexis Stanton Chronicles, the summary of which sounds not completely unlike what can be taken for the other Grey: "Recently unemployed after quitting a boring office job, Alexis Stanton finds a mysterious advertisement in the assist wanted section that could prove to it is in the answer to she desire because that excitement and adventure. After an intense application process, including actually fighting with her competition, she gets the job of her dreams. But is the going to kill her?"

Amazon finest Sellers location Shades>: #12,193 in Books

About: An award-winning photojournalist find herself top top the wrong side of the lens once she is framed because that murder.

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Evidence of Confusion:

About: A dropout avoidance teacher.

Evidence of Confusion: Via the AP, The Florida writer "says she has received emails, on facebook messages and also phone call from civilization thinking she created Fifty Shades that Grey."

Further evidence of Confusion: Via The southern Florida Sun-Sentinel, Hale"s husband, a clinical sales representative, says physicians regularly method him wanting come talk around the book."

Further evidence Still: "Hale is acquiring stopped at the grocery store store, at her kids" schools, in the neighborhood, all by people who"ve heard of her book, or think lock have. Once Hale checked out donate a copy of her Shades to the local library, "the librarian shoved it in her purse," Hale said. "She to be so excited." Mistaken, but excited." Worse than that, "Hale"s eldest daughter, Chelsea, a sophomore in ~ Florida State University, repeatedly fields calls from sorority sisters that say, "I can"t think your mother wrote that book!" and the family"s just boy, Matthew, 17, was wondered about by his high institution guidance counselor around his mother"s scandalous novel." 

About: "John is no a very nice man. He functions for the government. For this reason who has tied him to a chair and what perform they want?"

Evidence that Confusion: The cover, probably. Also:

About: "Combine Breaking Bad and also Cops with a disturbing, dark remake of The Love Boat and you have all the flavors of SHADES that GRAY."

Evidence the Confusion: 

About: "Readers are introduced to Annis Thesia, a young naive graduate who becomes intoxicated sensually by billionaire, Bobby Beige. Like the lead character native the actual book, Annis Thesia will put you come sleep. But, in this story, Annis i do not care the Dominant."

Evidence that Confusion: Per an Amazon reviewer, "Did i hit the wrong switch on my computer system when i bought Fifty Shades the Beige here together a low-priced Kindle edition, or to be it that the idea of such a parody probably being better than the original? It"s impossible to miss all of the media hype surrounding the highly famous trilogy by E.L. James. Prefer many, I"ve been curious around what every the fuss is every about, specifically when ns hear the libraries in Florida, Georgia and also Wisconsin either not stocking the books or pulling them indigenous shelves, with many citing what they to speak is inappropriate and explicit content." (OK, maybe people are buying this one ~ above purpose.)

Amazon finest Sellers Rank: #1,214 paid in Kindle Store

About: "In this hilarious parody of Fifty Shades the Grey, ours heroine, Annabelle Stilletto native Jersey City, brand-new Jersey. Annabelle is a graduate of beauty, beauty School yet doesn"t have a job and lives v her roommate in a dumpy apartment. Her life alters overnight when she goes for a job interview with the rich and handsome Vinnie Griso, the heir come the famous Vinnie"s Auto parts fortune. Through this skies blue eyes, jet black color hair, chop pants and pointy shoes, Vinnie is Annabelle"s dream come true. Once she falls for his seductive charms, she discovers the Vinnie has actually a deep, dark secret and a strict collection of "rules" the she must obey. At an initial she resists, yet she quickly discovers the mystery pleasures of dominance as she i do not care "black and also blue." (This is the first installment in the parody)"

Evidence that Confusion: Per one Amazon reviewer, "Don"t bother. You"re paying 99 cent for a solitary chapter (32 pages) of a poorly written and also not-yet edited variation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Seems the only distinction is a adjust in names and also a an extremely slight adjust in plot. Seems prefer someone is trying to capitalize on the recent attention the writer has obtained for the existing Fifty Shades series, yet this is so negative it"s appalling. And the key female character has no personality at all. Give thanks to goodness it was just 99 cent and around 15 minute of my time. Otherwise, ns think I"d need to beat myself black and blue just for downloading and reading it!"