Prophet Muhammad said: "I have been granted permission to speak around one the the angels that Allah, among the bearers of the Throne. The street from his earlobes to his shoulders is the distance of a seven - hundred year journey."
Anas Ibn Maalik narrated that the Prophet said: "I have been granted permission come speak come an angel, among the bearers that the Throne. His feet are in the lowest earth and the Throne is relaxing on his horn. The distance from his earlobe to his shoulder is prefer that that a bird paris for seven hundred years. The angel says, "Glory it is in to You, where You are. ""
The angels have wings, as Allah Almighty has informed us. Several of them have actually two wings, some have actually three or four, and some have more than that.

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Allah, the many Exalted, states in the Noble Quran (what means): " prayer is to Allah, Creator that the heavens and also the earth, do the angels messengers having wings, 2 or three or four. He increases in production what the wills. Indeed, Allah is end all things competent."
Moreover, we have currently mentioned (in part one) the narration in which the Messenger declared that Jibreel (angel Gabriel) has six hundreds wings.
Allah has produced them in a noble and also beautiful form, together Allah says of Jibreel (what means): "… teach to the by one extreme in strength —One that soundness. And also he rose to true form."
Ibn `Abbaas said: "(one that soundness) way one who appearance is beautiful." Qataadah
stated regard the same verse: "One whose form is tall and beautiful." over there is no contradiction between the two views, because that he (Jibreel) is both strong and that a beautiful appearance.
The idea the angels space beautiful is well-established in people"s minds, simply as the idea the devils are ugly is also well-established. Hence, we often hear civilization liken beautiful humans to angels. Look at what the women said once they saw Prophet Yoosuf (Joseph)
in the verse (which means): "And once they witnessed him, they significantly admired him and also cut their hands and also said, “Perfect is Allah! This is not a man; this is none but a noble angel!"
The Messenger the Allah said: "The Prophets were displayed to me (during his ascension), and I witnessed Moosaa (Prophet Moses), a guy of average build, looking like one of the men of (the people of) Shanu"ah. And I saw `Eesa Ibn Maryam (Prophet Jesus, child of Mary), and also the human being I have actually seen who most resembles that is `Urwah Ibn Mas"ood. And also I observed Ibraaheem (Prophet Abraham), and the one who most resembles that is your Companion (meaning himself). And I witnessed Jibreel; the human I have actually seen who many resembles that is Dihyah."
Is this a similarity between Jibreel"s true form, or the form which Jibreel took once he appeared in human form? Certainly, that is the latter, due to the fact that as us shall see, Jibreel frequently used to appear in the form of Dihyah Ibn Khaleefah . This is proven by the narrations in i m sorry the Prophet explained Jibreel in his real shape having six hundreds wings.

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The angels room not every the same in their physical shape and status. Several of them have two wings, some have three, and also Jibreel has actually six hundreds wings. They differ in their status before their Lord, many High. Allah claims (what means): ", "There is not among us any kind of except that he has a well-known position"".
As worrying Jibreel, Allah states (what means): " indeed, the is a word a noble messenger . own of power and with the Owner that the Throne, for sure "
The best of the angels are those who were existing at the battle of Badr. Rafaa"ah Ibn Raafi" narrated the Jibreel involved the Prophet and said: "What carry out you think the the civilization of Badr among you (i.e., who were present at Badr)?" the said, "They space the ideal of the Muslims" or similar words. Jibreel said: "The same is true regarding the angels that were current at Badr."

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