Van Raam is a manufacturer of impairment bikes and also produces, among other things, tandem bikes. A tandem bicycle is a convenient way of deliver to cycle together with someone who deserve to no longer cycle independently. But a tandem does no necessarily have two wheels. How plenty of wheels does a tandem cycle have?


Van Raam tandems through on the left the Twinny through two wheels and also on the best the Twinny plus tricycle tandem.

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How numerous wheels walk a tandem bike have?

With a tandem bike that is feasible to cycle through more than one person. Who who can no longer participate in website traffic independently, but is quiet able come cycle (with others), deserve to enjoy a bike journey in this way. How countless wheels top top a tandem bike, depends of the type of tandem. Over there are numerous tandems accessible in the valve Raam tandem range which each has actually a different variety of wheels.

Tandem bicycle with two wheels

One that the an ext famous tandems that have the right to be checked out in the roads is the two-wheeled tandem bike. Just like a consistent bicycle, this tandem has one wheel in ~ the prior of the bike and one wheel in ~ the back of the bike. At Van Raam, the Kivo and also Twinny room both tandems through two wheels.

Tandem bike with 3 wheels

Besides the tandems v two wheels, over there are also tandems v two wheel at the back and also one wheel at the front. This tandems with three wheels space extra stable due to the fact that of the 2nd rear wheel. That makes acquiring on and also of the bike an extremely easy. The Twinny Plus, Kivo Plus and also the duo cycle Fun2Go space all tandem bicycles with three wheels. Read the post ‘Three tricycle tandems by van Raam in comparison’ to compare Van Raam’s tricycle tandems.

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Benefits van Raam tandems

The disability of the passenger to have the ability to cycle ~ above a tandem bike can vary widely. Because that example, there deserve to be a mental, physics or intuitive impairment. That’s why a tandem bike have the right to be very useful to enjoy to ride bicycle together with the passenger. Take it a look at the services of a valve Raam tandem below:

How countless wheels space there top top a van Raam tandem?

Want to recognize how numerous wheels a van Raam tandem has? view the bikes and the number of wheels they have on the pictures below. You can also see some characteristics of each tandem bike.